Any chance they could make Duceppe PM?

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Ken Burch
Any chance they could make Duceppe PM?

It would take the "everybody just has to take orders from the Liberals" meme out of the discussion.

Also, you could assume Duceppe wouldn't want to hang on to the job forever.

Other than the fact that the offer might make the man's head explode, is it not worth considering?

Papal Bull

No. That would be the coalition's political suicide. A lot of Canadians can swallow the Libs and NDP teaming up the BQ. I don't think that they would be able to stomach the BQ being the nominal face of the country.


I think that would make too many people's heads explode. 


Hell, though, it might be worth it just for that.  I'd certainly be ok with it in principle.

Boom Boom Boom Boom's picture

geez, yet another unnecessary thread on the coalition. couldn't we close a few threads and not start any new ones for a while?

Bookish Agrarian

It would ruin Duceppe's best line from the Leadership debate.

Papal Bull

All this talk of heads exploding makes me wonder if there is a Scanner in Parliament.


There is no chance on earth that Duceppe would accept it, or to "formally" belong to the coalition.

What you should be thinking of is what progressive legislation (unrelated to "constitutional issues", of course) the Bloc and the NDP can support together.

Ken Burch

Restoring transfer payments so that the cuts in healthcare funding can be undone would be a good start.

Pushing for revitalization of Via Rail and public transit would be another.

And a foreign policy that is as un-Ignatieffist as possible would be a third.

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So would restoring funding for social housing - like public transport and improved rail travel, that would also create socially-useful jobs.

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