April Fools Weekend 2021? Federal Liberal and NDP Conventions

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April Fools Weekend 2021? Federal Liberal and NDP Conventions

2021 Federal NDP Convention - CPAC

New Democrats are meeting virtually - follow CPAC for full coverage on April 9, 10 and 11.



How much time is being spent on resolutions?


Who is the genius who decided to hold both conventions on the same days!


2021 Federal Liberal Convention - CPAC

Liberals are meeting virtually - follow CPAC for full coverage on April 9, 10 and 11.



I think at least one person here is going to argue that only one party is having a convention this weekend - the NDP - (the no difference party). : )


"92% of NDP supporters say the Palestinian call to boycott Israel is reasonable, according to a 2017 EKOS poll. Will the party finally adopt a sanctions policy to boycott Israeli weapons and goods from illegal settlements?

In fact, 78% of Canadians agree that the Palestinian call to boycott Israel is reasonable, including 88% of Liberal Party supporters. It is time for all political parties to take a stand and support boycott and sanctions against Israel."




Huge Missed Opportunity for NDP


"Can't help but notice that #LPC21 is getting lots of positive coverage due to passing policy resolutions. #NDPConvention2021 could be getting equal coverage for our incredible policies -but with just 40 minutes, there's no time to pass them."

Fixed game. Hill&Knowlton leadership.

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Those corrupt idiots are terrified of articles like this one from John Ivison. The right wing press has been doing this for over 40 years, and it always seems to work.


He's a right-wing idiot, without any influence on them.  They're spooked by more middle of the road commentators.

Are they voting on the IHRA definition?  Nothing will change until they get rid of the Mulcairism in the party heirarchy and get a leader like Nikki Ashton, instead of the mush they have now.


The Palestine resolution (not the IHRA one, but the one calling for ending settlement trade and arms trade with Israel) passed overwhelmingly despite the attempts to run out the clock on it.


NDP delegates vote overwhelmingly for sanctions against Israel, a ban on sale of weapons to Israel and a ban on importing Israeli goods manufactured in the occupied territories. This was a major defeat for the Israeli lobby who tried to prevent the NDP from having this debate.




CJPME Applauds NDP for Adopting Bold Sanctions Policy on Israel


"Even though there was no vote on the #NoIHRA motion, the NDP leadership needs to realize that there is widespread growing opposition to the harmful IHRA definition within the party, who expect their leadership to take a clear stance against it."

Damn straight. Got that Jagmeet Singh?

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"Peace and Justice in Israel-Palestine" motion passes at NDP convention with 80% support!!! Hell yes!!!

‘Hardly a fringe position’: Jewish NDP members lead convention push for Palestinian human rights


UPDATE - 8:00 p.m. ET The Palestine Resolution discussed in this article narrowly made it to the floor of the convention as the #2 priority resolution in the foreign affairs section. It passed with 80 per cent support, and 16 per cent of delegates opposed. This means the NDP’s official policy is now to oppose military trade with Israel, and all trade and economic cooperation with illegal settlements. The IHRA resolution discussed below was prioritized sixth, and did not reach the floor. Due to technical problems and questionable planning, no panel succeeded in considering more than two resolutions.

In a press release, Amy Kishek, one of the organizers of the Palestine resolution, said that the adoption of the motion was the result of a “groundswell of support from the grassroots membership.” Geneviève Nevin, another organizer of the resolution, added that “the adoption of this policy today firmly positions the NDP as one of the few parties demanding the end of Canada's support for illegal settlements and suspending the flow of weapons to and from Israel until Palestinians are free.”



The NDP has been forced to do the right thing. And will be the better for doing so. Truly, a good start. Deep appreciation and respect for all those who made it happen. Let the good political differences multiply and prosper. Make all necessary changes. When the people rule the leaders follow. Onwards and upwards.


While the resolutions that were passed are good, the IHRA was the one that had the most practical effect.  Leadership must have permitted a vote on the other ones in order to avoid a vote on the IHRA.


Leadership tried its best to prevent there from being time to debate the Palestine resolution that passed, and almost succeeded (it came up with less than 5 minutes on the section clock). It wouldn't have been debated at all if a motion to reduce speaking time to 2 minutes hadn't been surprisingly ruled in order after the chair on Friday had ruled it required unanimous consent.

I've been involved with the NDP for a decade, and this is the biggest clusterfuck of a convention I've ever seen – not because it's online, though party officials are trying to blame it on that, but because headquarters is shamelessly committed to running out the clock. Debate time on each section has been reduced to 40 minutes (when it was an hour in the adopted agenda) because of the ludicrous contention it takes 20 minutes to vote on one resolution. Delegates who've tried to call the question so that two entire resolutions can be debated per block were accused yesterday of "bullying staff and moderates" and "abusing the rules" (by using them). Speaking lists have been blatantly stacked to favour MPs, gender parity has been ignored, and disabled delegates have been unable to access the convention. The disability caucus had no captioning or ASL interpretation! The Quebec caucus was just a couple of speeches; delegates were prevented from chatting with one another on Zoom because of "harassment concerns". In fact, that's going to be the line from here on out – that convention needs to be shut down because it's a place for the left to bully the establishment.

I haven't been this angry at a convention since Montreal 2013, and while Mulcair was a vindictive micromanaging right-winger, he at least pretended the votes mattered. This has openly, blatantly been a series of campaign speeches by MPs briefly interrupted by the party preventing debate on policy. The Palestine resolution was the only one that made it to the floor that was even remotely controversial, and it still passed overwhelmingly. I hope delegates demand their money back.


Meanwhile, the Liberals aren't even pretending to be a progressive party:

As part of the same proposal, the Ontario chapter pitched an "inheritance tax" on all assets over $2 million. That proposal did not specify the rate at which these assets should be taxed, or how and when such a system would take effect. Delegates rejected the idea along with the suggestion to increase the capital gains tax by a 62-38 margin.



The resolution enabling federal council to postpone conventions indefinitely failed miserably, with 40% of the vote (two-thirds was required), but the one giving labour unions delegates based on their membership (i.e. including Liberals and Conservatives in those unions, not just NDP members) passed.

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Josh wrote:
While the resolutions that were passed are good, the IHRA was the one that had the most practical effect.  Leadership must have permitted a vote on the other ones in order to avoid a vote on the IHRA.

The process for prioritizing resolutions was different at this convention from how it was at previous conventions.

At previous conventions, there was a pre-convention initial ranking of the resolutions in the various sections by a special committee set up for this purpose. Said committee generally prioritized less contentious resolutions, and deprioritized more contentious ones. On issues where there were multiple different resolutions submitted, the special committee would often combine them into one composite resolution that removed more contentious elements.

Then there would be an opportunity, at 7am on the Saturday of the convention, for delegates to attend a re-prioritization session for any one of the sections (Canada's place in the world being one of these) at which delegates could vote to move up or down the priority of any resolutions. However, the time for these re-prioritization sessions was limited, meaning that not much re-prioritization could take place. There was also a capacity limit for each of the re-prioritization sessions (based on the capacity of the room in which they were being held), so not everyone would necessarily get to attend the re-prioritization session of their choice.

At the 2018 convention, zionists and the party establishment coordinated to show up early for the re-prioritization session for Canada's place in the world, effectively stacking it in order to prevented a sufficient number of pro-Palestinian delegates from attending the session. They then voted down the attempt to re-prioritize the resolution calling for a boycott of settlement goods. This ensured that it didn't reach the convention floor for debate.

However, the Courage Coalition was successful at passing a resolution at the 2018 convention to change the resolution prioritization process for future conventions. This new process allowed all delegates to rank online their top 10 motions in each of the categories. No more initial prioritization by an unelected committee. No more stacking of re-prioritization sessions to keep motions off the convention floor.

Thus the party leadership was not able to manipulate the prioritization of resolutions as they had previously done. As cco points out, they responded to this by trying to further limit the amount of time available to debate resolutions, such that even though the "Peace and Justice in Israel-Palestine" resolution was prioritized second, it almost failed to reach debate.

Given the limited time available for debate on the resolution, it's all the more impressive that it passed with 80% support.

It's unfortunate that the "No-IHRA" resolution did not get debated and passed, given that the leadership will likely try to continue to use this messed-up definition of antisemitism to guide their actions on the Israel-Palestine question, even though this isn't really compatible with the "Pace and Justice in Israel-Palestine" resolution.


Is there a way to see what resolutions were approved or not approved.

I missed a few of the key topics and policy suggestions


NDP Votes For Palestine


"An empty vessel on this issue, Singh goes wherever pushed. That's the case for most of the NDP caucus. While the Palestine resolution was a win for Palestinian rights and a blow to the Israel lobby, it was also a small victory for grassroots democracy and proof that people can be mobilized by calls for justice in international affairs."