Arbitrary "unwanted guests" ban in Regina stores

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Sean in Ottawa

6079_Smith_W wrote:


Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) grand chief Sheila North Wilson said she's experienced racism while shopping before. But on a recent trip to a St. James pharmacy, North Wilson said she was treated like a potential thief.

 "I heard a lady on the intercom say, 'Security aisle five, security aisle five,' so I looked up and sure enough it says 'aisle five' and I'm the only one standing there," North Wilson said, adding she then approached management.

"I asked her, 'Why are you targeting me? Because I'm dressed like this? Because I have this face? Why did you decide that I needed to be checked on — to see if I was stealing anything?"

This is typical of security / police in Canada I am sorry to say. I don't know how you cure hate and bigots. If I had been in the store I would have taken my privileged white face out of there after explaining to the manager why I would never come back. Then called and written head office. I have done this sort of thing before.

I would guess almost everyone, if not everyone, on this site would do the same. But somehow, these places stay in business. Part of the education required is to get the wider population to not accept this. It is not enough to not be one of these raving bigots. You have to complain and boycott until businesses understand that they cannot hire bigots and stay in business.

That said a lot of people who are totally disgusted by such racism might remain quiet becuase they are conflict averse or may simply not be able to handle it. Some may feel that this is the only place they can get to and may be reluctant. All the more reason for those who can react to do so.

And this kind of open racism is why inquiries need to be held becuase crimes do not get investigated as they should by security / police that are racist.



I had the Zellers rentacops pounce on me one time as I was getting into my car in front of the store. Not racial profiling of course, but I was wearing a long black coat, and it was obvious I didn't live at the Ritz.

They were extremely pushy, and when it was obvious I hadn't stolen anything there wasn't a friendly word that they were just doing their job. One of them actually cursed, and they both ran off without another word to me, clearly pissed that they hadn't caught another one who could get the extortion letter. Maybe they got a commission for it.

(I only found out about Zellers's record on that afterwards, because the whole encounter had been so bizarre)