Are we all in a for a little Shock Doctrine?

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gulcher wrote:

We will be in for quite a bit of shock doctrine I expect, especially with Ignatieff as the opposition leader.

The contention that our crown corporations are bloated and money losers is a conservative myth.

If that were true, do you think your taxes would be this high?

Canada is middle of the pack wrt taxation. If Ottawa was to raise overall taxation to just the OECD average as a percentage of GDP, they would have another $35 billion.

And if Ottawa was to raise overall taxation to the EU-15 average, again as a percentage of GDP, Ottawa would have another $75 billion dollars in revenue to fix our $130 billion dollar infrastructure deficit and restore the tens of billions of dollars removed from social transfers to the provinces since 1991.(Hurtig, The Vanishing Country: Is it too late to save Canada?)