Biometric IDs For the Homeless?

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Biometric IDs For the Homeless?

This is a creepy idea, being floated about in Alberta. First the Homeless, then...?


I suspect that this is a repeat of what happened with the Gun Registry. As you may recall, Honeywell, CGI and other IT firms that run the Registry donated heavilly to the Liberal Party. For their 'investment', they got a piece of that $2B porkbarrel. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is also 'sponsored' by GCI (and companies like Taser International) and, in exchange for the dough, acts as a paid lobbyist. I see social workers and social agencies assuming the CACP's role, here. There're maybe 5,000+ homeless people in Alberta, which would provide a decent chunk of money to whatever PC Party donor lands this ID car system contract.

The scary thing is this will not stop with 'just' homeless people. Alberta already had the disastrous privatisation of its Registries, with all the security issues that entailed. Now, there's even going to be a body armour registry, and God knows what else in the works. Alberta has never been much of a libertarian province, but things are getting worse under this PC government.

Sean in Ottawa

This was a clever drive-by on the gun registry.

The opening poster is clearly a right-winger trying to stir up trouble here by making up bogus arguments to support one "left of centre" cause to attack another. Clever but after several posts that have a consistent theme it is getting rather obvious.

I am now wondering if this is a professional troublemaker because there is little coherence in the views from one idea to the next.


1. Privatized registries have worked exceedingly well. 

2. The biometric identification has been in place for over a year at the Calgary Drop-in centre with excellent results.

3. Based on this person's other posts, I'd say s\he is a LPA supporter. No self-respecting dipper would so greasily avoid the issue of the oilsands that this one did as a comment on a blog post here. No WRApper would be seen slagging the oilsands at all.

Nice try ACSial.

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well sean there is several just like him currently...personally I think it is a planned activity

van's ear is also one, ktown another and viking also a member of this delightful club, got the boot this am.




Sean in Ottawa

This one looks planned because there is some thought put into the distortions here.


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Sean, as with the  thread on Lovelock, and others, definite pattern of planned activity, I guess because us dastardly leftists are to blame for everything, even white male supremacy making "identity groups" for historical exploitation....


Christ! Heywood you support this crap? WTF?

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Alrighty then.

Please don't talk about other babblers' political orientations, and don't talk about banned babblers.

And I'm closing this.

ACSial, you're on wafer-thin ice here, pal.

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