Bob Rae on the comments of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies on the State of Israel

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I just wrote to Bob Rae and Jack layton. I hope they are listening to all of us (not that I expect much out of Rae)



That perhaps appears snyde when I didn't mean it to.   It's just that sometimes when you are in doubt, it doesn't hurt to google a few terms, particularly in a heated environment.



Dear Bob,


When my daddy was off killing Nazis, I note yours was safe in Canada, kissing his way up the hierarchy of a Party that sent the S.S. St. Louis back to Germany.

Perfidiousness never falls far from the tree.







Heh.  I dare you to send that to him. :D


Double dare!

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Thanks TP for the wiki link...OK,Orthodox and Hasidic(now spelt correctly)Jews are one and the same.

Excellent,you live and read and learn.

But my point was,that the riding of Outremont has this city's largest Orthodox Jewish community and Thomas Mulcair is the MP or that riding.

Protests I have been to ,it's Orthodox jews that participate against Zionism..This makes Mulcair's motive ironic.

What is being lost--first by the politicians,then the media and now parts of our population--is that criticizing Israel or pointing out an inconvenient truth about Israel,has NOTHING to do with Judaism.

'The New Anti-Semitism'  is a myth that we must bust.

That's how i see it..I'm sure others will see it a different way.



Hmm, you'll have to tell me that story sometime when I see you and Rebecca next, Tommy.  Speaking of which, you should come visit sometime this summer!  Okay, I know, wildly off topic, but this thread is probably about to be closed for length anyhow. :)



Oh no Michelle, I wouldn't send that to him in a letter; but I sure hope I live long enough to say it to his face.


I've been eye ball to eye ball with Mr. Rae before, and  he was the one who blinked.  


What's wrong with him is wrong all the way through him. 


Well, maybe I will send it in a letter.  I doubt our paths will cross.   But I never write letters angry.


And, I am some angry now.

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Right on cue, Michelle.

ETA: Er, almost. Anyway, closing for length. Perhaps continue in the "Stand Up for Libby Davies" Thread or start a new one about the political machinations.

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Tommy_Paine wrote:



I've been eye ball to eye ball with Mr. Rae before

So was I. Just before he was elected premier of Ontario. What I remember was that we, "the little people", were nothing more than background for his media statement. When the camera lights went dim, Mr. Rae was gone without even an acknowledgement that any of us were alive.

As for the St. Louis, Canada has a long, long history of moral cowardice.



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