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A book coming....

Will we see you doing a book tour to promote it, I wonder?  Should make for some interesting interviews, I would think.

Your series of blogposts on this was just rivetting, and gave us a good picture of what was going on, on the "inside".  I think that it started the process of the mainstream media and others rethinking and reinterpreting what was trying to be done with those coalition talks, and now with a second prorogation underway, I doubt that the Conservative "anger machine" as you aptly described it last fall will be able to ramp up with such vitriol again over such an issue.

By the way, I'm not sure if everyone here would have seen this exposé on how the young Conservatives in Manitoba tried to discredit the protest march there, but if not, head straight over to Dr. Dawg's Blawg and read this account of what happened.

Anyways, congrats on the book, Brian, and I'll look forward to my copy arriving in the mail when it's released.  Thanks for the link.


Any possibility of a TV mini-series although I'm sure the Liberal CBC wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.






I saw the chapters link referred to a page called "How-We-Almost-Gave-Tories-Brian-Topp" and I thought "oh no! We almost gave the Tories Brian Topp!"

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Hmm... not sure I'm their favourite guy at the moment.


Who's that Brian: the Tories, or the CBC?

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My order has been placed.