Boycottons Les Elections / Boycott The Elections 2011: Vote With Your Feet (2)

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Sean in Ottawa

Tobold Rollo wrote:

wage zombie wrote:

Tobold Rollo wrote:

Voting and then claiming the government that is elected doesn't not represent the people will at best result in international support for another election and a different slate of parties. Neo-liberalism will remain intact. The only thing that communicates dissatisfaction with a system of governance is boycotting that system.

What do you suppose would be the best case result of low voter turnout as a result of an electoral boycott?

Structural changes that would insulate government and the levers of power from the undue influence of wealth, making voting and parties responsive to the electorate rather than corporations and ensuring a just distribution of resources and opportunities.

You have failed utterly to make the case that any of this would follow.


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