Brian Mulroney de-Toryfies himself

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Brian Mulroney de-Toryfies himself

It would have been nice had he done so 25 years ago, but better late than never.

Maybe this is the Globe's April Fools' article, but it sounds reasonable. Undecided

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Newman read a letter sent to Reuters last night on the 'Politics' show where Mulroney reiterated that he has been a Conservative all his life and will remain such until he dies, and the pundits speculated that someone is letting all this information out now to discredit Mulroney as the Mulroney/Schreiber hearings get underway.

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"discredit Mulroney"


Coals to Newcastle.


"Robin Sears, a spokesman for Mulroney" -- wasn't he the Ont NDP backroom boss?


yes he "represented" us often on Politics. So you can understand canadians positions when he is seen backing two parties.

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Lyin Brian is about to become a Grandpa.... BBBen just annouced he and his wife are pregnant with twins....


Why spell Ben as BBBen?

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Caroline Mulroney Lapham already made Brian a first-time grandpa in 2004...

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No actually should not have been flip with apples, it was a play off of "BBBbenny and the jets"


That song goes through my mind the minute I hear "Ben"


Comment removed.  Always liked that song.


At any rate, I need to re-read thread titles closely before commenting when under the influence.  At first it read Brian Mulroney deflowers himself.

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Yep I hear ya,  sometimes the thread titles when quickly read do not reflect what they really are.