Broadbent endorses Tabuns, Kormos endorses Horwath, how will it affect 2nd choices?

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Lost in Bruce County

aka mycroft and stock - I seriously what to know how it is that you can justify supporting a person that has locked out his workers? How it is that you can support a person that recently fired a staff member without just cause. Does his actions not go against your morals and principles as an NDPer? And what about denying democratic debate in the party? How does that jive with your NDP principles? Tabuns and Horwath say that school funding is not a priority and that we'll lose the support of practicing Catholics. Guess what - Michael Cassidy is quoted saying that gay rights "are not a priority at this time" and because of him and Rae's open vote on 167 we lost loads of our queer supporters.... I'm sure we made all those practicing Catholics happy. Tell me, did their donations go up? The thing is, if we lose sight of our principles we stand for nothing. I'm voting for Prue because it's people like him that make me proud to be a New Democrat.

Lost in Bruce County

glad to see you removed your nasty comment at me akamycroft ;o)


I'm melting! I'm melting!...

Lost in Bruce County

Stockholm wrote:
I'm melting! I'm melting!...

It's ok Stock. We'll recycle you into the Prue Crew and give you a new platform that won't melt under the pressure! Laughing


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