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Here's a white boyz club, complete with sheriff and posse.  Maybe you can try out for a tin star as a deputy.


Dalton's gang on Halloween?


Spinning the first week of Michael Bryant's new life

From the article:

'It's a reasonable bet you, too, Toronto Star readers, have an opinion. But is it, you might ask, your own? Definitely not, says a veteran Toronto criminal lawyer, loath to have his name published. "Look, the headline on this story should be: `Navigator, changing your perceptions without you even knowing it.'"

He refers, of course, to Navigator Limited, the smooth public relations firm hired by Bryant (when exactly is unclear) to massage the message. He's said to be close to Navigator chair Jaime Watt, touted for knowing everybody in Canadian power circles. Senior partner Robin Sears most recently was spokesperson for Brian Mulroney during the parliamentary investigation into his dealings with deported German arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber.

Navigator isn't shy on its website:uilt on. "Clients have praised us for our ability to take an issue that has been looked at, sometimes for years, and radically shift perspective to reveal new insights. These fresh insights are what our strategies are b"

Experienced legal and political hands see Navigator's fingerprints all over public opinion. Shortly after a noon strategy meeting yesterday that apparently drew together Navigator staffers and Bryant's criminal defence lawyer, highly regarded Marie Henein, Sears acknowledged a reporter's remark that things seemed to be going well for them."


Waiting for Stock and the usual gang to defend this.


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Well, in his place, I'd probably hire a PR firm too! 

But yes, it's been totally obvious that the spin this week - and perhaps all the dirt dredged up and reported on Sheppard - has had their grimy little fingers all over it.


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