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the grey wrote:

Cueball wrote:

Sound like good basis for a murder charge to me.

Only because you clearly don't understand what a good basis for a murder charge is.

Well, perhaps I should put that differently. Sounds like a good basis for laying a murder charge, in the terms under which such charges are usually laid. You are making it sound as if the investigation is entirely complete, and the Crown Attorney has completed their case file, interviewed all witnesses, and proved their case before such charges are laid. We know that this is not the case. Charges, all charges, are quasi-speculative, based on the likelyhood that there is a good chance they are correct, and provable.

Usually, charges that are believed to be unprovable are dropped, later, after the pre-trial process has taken place and the evidence properly examined. In this case the assertion that there was an "accident" is taken at face value.

Or are you aguing that hitting someone with a car is not an act that can cause grevious bodily harm likely to result in death and that Bryant did not know this?

So I pistol whip you with a gun, you retaliate rather than skulking away. In the ensuing melee you are killed. That would be "criminal negligence" according to you and not murder? In such a case it would be a simply case of one persons word against the other, and the defendant being alive could simply say: "I didn't mean to hurt anyone"?

The law has leaway in determining wether or not Bryant's story is believable and fits the evidence.

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Good. That is a really good example of something that is clearly an accident, or suicide. The victim collided with car, or at least that is what the story contends. Here in the Bryant case we have video footage and corrobrating statements saying that Bryant was shouting at Sheppard, and then hit him. The video seems to support that. That is the evidence that we have.

Do you have something else? Maybe something to support Heywoods contention that Sheppard stunt rode his bicycle backwards into Bryant, or fell over because he was drunk. I didn't read that anything close to that. But such speculation is rampant.

Unionist wrote:

Cueball wrote:

The law has leaway in determining wether or not Bryant's story is believable and fits the evidence.

Which story was that?

The one which he contends exonerates him from the most serious charge. And the story he would doubtless have to resort to were the charges more serious.


Cueball wrote:

 Maybe something to support Heywoods contention that Sheppard stunt rode his bicycle backwards into Bryant,

Please quote my post where I said this, or apologize for putting words into my mouth in order to bolster your position.

Honestly, if you can't stick to the facts, then go back to the kids table.

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Ok. You didn't say that. You made up all kinds of other completely ridiculous assertions based on total junk speculation without the slightest bit of evidence, no eyewitness testimonies, trying to assert on the slimest possible grounds that video might not exclude the possibility that Sheppard fell off his bike because he was drunk.

I used a simillar kind of free form stream of conscious thinking and in order to speculate on what your next wild speculation might be.

You have no facts. You speculated that he was drunk. You speculated that he fell over. Nothing.


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martin dufresne wrote:

If pictures hadn't been taken, it would be all too easy to spin right out of history the tradition of lynching Blacks in the South, the massacre of hundreds of thousands during the twentieth century and other horrors (whose authors have almost all remained unpunished).



Please, don't do that.

martin dufresne

Why not? Don't you agree that some pictures have a way of holding back the tides of spin, denial, complicity, structural resistance to accountability?... Won't these new images make it harder for the "Bryant team" to achieve the smearing of Sheppard and the whitewash of Bryant? Indeed, what's your point, if any?...

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You're denigrating victims.  No need for hyperbole.

martin dufresne

There must be a misunderstanding. I am talking about images that allow us to vindicate them against those who would rewrite them out of history.


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For the record: It seems like the RCMP have no problem laying manslaughter charges in the case of traffic "accidents", contrary to some statements made by persons here:

RCMP have charged a suspect with four counts of manslaughter, four counts of criminal negligence causing death and eight impaired driving causing death-related charges.

Cpl. Darren Anderson, an RCMP spokesman, noted that the manslaughter charges are somewhat unusual, but says they were laid after a consultation with the chief Crown prosecutor for the area.

He says the suspect was the alleged driver of a pickup truck that collided with a car near Bonnyville, Alta., July 23, killing a 51-year-old man, a 35-year-old woman and two girls, 14 and 15-years-old.

Anderson says before laying manslaughter charges in the case, investigators looked at a number of factors, including events that may have led up to the collision, the collision itself and results of laboratory tests.

Manslaughter, negligence charges laid in collision that killed 4 family members

Tschetter found guilty of manslaughter

Why you ask?

CALGARY - A speeding cement truck driver who killed five people when he

rear-ended their car at a red light had no concern for the risk and
danger he was creating, a judge said in convicting him Thursday of five
counts of manslaughter.

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