Can Canada's right wing politicians be this stupid!

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Can Canada's right wing politicians be this stupid!



Ignatieff comes to West Vancouvcer, and promises ship building work on the North Shore of Vancouver, but most Canadians know that Liberal promises aren't even worth the paper they are written on.  Because most folks probably remember the BS Liberal child care plan which never happened, or all the wonderful things that the Liberals were going to do for our First Nations people, which never materialized as well.  


the key part of the article on this was how routine these activities are.  been going on for years, they only report on it when they want to freak people out.

i had to read the article the first time i saw the headline "cf18's intercept russian bombers over arctic" it a pretty sensationalistic title!

should have read more like "cf18's conduct routine exercise over arctic" or something, but then no one would bother reading it, and they wouldn't be willing to shell out for more military hardware.



Our fearlesss prime minister goes to Canada's North, at the same time Canada's idiotic Defence Minister says that Russian planes are meanacing Canada, but most Canadians know, and don't let Harper off the hook here as he is the boss, that they are just pimping for defence contractors who want to sell their stupid war machines.


milo204 wrote:

... but then no one would bother reading it, and they wouldn't be willing to shell out for more military hardware.

Yeah, like buying $18b worth of the F-35 Stealth Fighter to supposedly intercept such ageing, slow and lumbering Russian bombers (read as) reon(naissance) planes.

So, yes, I would say the Cons are that stupid, or at least they treat/count on enough Canadians as being that stupid.


It's getting pretty bad though, when the PMO's tactics become so juvenile that one of their friendliest columnists basically has to basically tell them to grow up.  Moreover, the PM's northern tour has become such an extravagent photo op, that it's getting harder and harder to take the substance of what he says seriously (although, granted, this never hurt Reagan).

Also, I couldn't believe that Ignatieff is already promising contracts to one part of the country over another ... as though that sort of behaviour hasn't been at the root of national tensions since at least the awarding of the CF-18 contract which basically launched the Reform Party in the mid-1980s.  Not only was it irresponsible from a public administration perspective, but Iggy managed to do it the day before the New Brunswick writ was issued, I'm sure to the consternation of people working in the shipyards down east; so it wasn't the smartest political timing either.

Our folks aren't always the smartest, but I've been impressed with how Layton picks his moments, keeps to the high ground, and is trying to cultivate a reputation for working well with others in a constructive way.  It will be interesting to see how he handles the long-gun registry vote, but I think there will be some creative moves yet to replace the current squeeze frame with a new approach.