Canadian companies in a 'panic' since "Buy American is alive and well"

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George Victor
Canadian companies in a 'panic' since "Buy American is alive and well"

That distrusted organ of business, The Globe and Mail carries daily articles these days with headliinnes like "Despite Assurances, Buy American lives", and "Buy American 'gaining momentum' and "Chrysler threatens to pull out of Canada" and "IMF dashes hope of short recession" while "Tories push positive message despite grim IMF forecast".

Setting aside thoughts on Elizabeth and Iggy and Jack for a bit, has anyone heard some positive ideas on how the "real world" situation out there might be confronted, if not turned around? Where to start? 

Even the Waterloo Region Record says that "Harper offers only wishful thinking".  Which, for the Record is gutsy stuff. "It's one thing for a leader to convey a longo-term belief in the future - U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt did that successfully during the Depression - but it's quite another to make predictions about which country will emerge first froma recession. That's the type of subject better left to bookies....What Canadians want from the prime minister is straight talk that neither minimizes our problems nor leaves the impression the recession will never end. Surely Harper could find a speech writer who can help him convey this message."


I think the Record, its own newsroom laying off 20 people, is perhaps going back to the  Joseph Atkinson Liberal roots of mother Torstar.  That's all about helping the bottom strata of society out of  economic  (and psychological) Depression.