'Canadian' Values vs. the Niqab

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Unionist, I don't like this conversation at all. I don't like how it makes me respond to you, whose contributions, experience and passion I deeply admire. I don't like the way I am so baffled, frustrated and angry at your responses that I respond snarkily and with disrespect. I don't like how I keep reading your posts as disrespectful, and I don't like how I keep having to question whether I belong in the only city I ever felt was home. It's why I exited this discussion a few thread-chunks ago.

I agree that Shakir's blog lacks a distinct understanding of Quebec law, history and right to self-determination--I said as much already upthread. However, I submit that you equally demonstrated a lack of understanding--or at least a lack of will to understand--her own subjectivity, especially her identity as a South Asian living in the West. This is a reproduction of the lack of will that Quebec demonstrates in these paternalistic, secularist (a.k.a. Western and white) policies which alienate our Muslim sisters. You responded aggressively and defensively rather than trying to understand her position, affect and cultural context.

Of course I won't lecture you on Quebec culture. But I would ask you to consider why an immigrant woman of colour, raised in a traditional Muslim household might characterize Quebec culture as "firmly grounded in Catholicism," especially if it is as incorrect as you say (although I think that Jean Charest might disagree with you). Why does this feminist of colour feel betrayed by Quebec feminists? Why is this narrative so difficult to hear, especially since you yourself identify pluralistically (as a Canadian, a Quebecker, a Jew, a Worker, et al.)? Why does this accommodation seem addressed not to the marginalized, but rather to those offended by marginalization?

Anyway, it's clear we won't agree on this issue. I wanted to respond because I don't like how I am in this thread and because I do like you. I wanted you to know that I am reading your words on this matter, but I can't seem to sustain a mindset condusive to the tenor you deserve.

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