The CAW, government and strategic voting

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We have not even reached the level of poverty that was encompassed in the Great Depression years, let alone started into recovery.


Unless they screw up real bad, I dont think we'll see 1930's conditions repeated in the same way. It's true that personal savings rates in Canada are at a 1930's level, and Tories and Liberals have pared down UI/EI coverage to 1940's levels.

But we have too much socialist economy in place, believe it or not, since then to cushion the hard landing. Iow's, we cant crash like laissez-faire capitalism did in 1929, because laissez-faire capitalism was abandoned in the 1930's. Our governments in North America quietly adopted Soviet style soft budget constraints and much Keynesianism through the cold war. They have all kinds of tools at their disposal but choose socialism for the rich to near collapse. It's amazing how they can screw things up with socialism for the rich until the last dog is hung and still win phony majority governments with low voter turnouts.

The GM and union proposal is apparently a done deal, if the company isnt forced into bankruptcy by bond holders, which is likely.

Lord Palmerston

Fidel I am curious of what your definition of "socialist" is.


Bankruptcy for GM has been pretty well the assumed outcome for at least a week. At any rate, the agreements with the CAW and UAW are crafted with bankruptcy filings in mind.


I have to ask unionist and others what is so unique about the auto industry that it should receive special and favoured treatment over other industries from our governments.  The North American auto industry has beasically failed and it`s time to get over it. This brain-dead idea of supporting dying industires is exactly that. DUMB!!!


Lord Palmerston wrote:

Fidel I am curious of what your definition of "socialist" is.

Socialism is all around us. It's keeping western world capitalism from coming unglued. And our options are narrowing between socialism and barbarism.

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NR, the failure of the auto industry does not reside in the hands of the workers.