China: Is it time to stop purchasing their goods?

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Mr. Magoo

Who do you think you are kidding, eh!

I'm not kidding.  There's a difference between a brand name, and an appellation of origin.  Look it up if you really don't believe me.

I'm tempted to inform you that "Canada Dry" soft drinks are bottled in the USA and Mexico, but I don't want to blow your mind.


Canada Dry is not only made outside Canada it is owned by the American Dr. Pepper company.

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I have more problem with stuff that should be locally sourced. Consider serving tray paper liners. In Vancouver there is a company called Custom Paper that makes a wide variety of these.  However, even though they make it here, the pulp mills are here, and the pulp is here they cannot compete with table paper produced in China.  Mostly it is wages, but it really doesn't make sense to ship containers full of plain paper across the Pacific Ocean to sell it in Canada.





We don’t like corruption in our society yet we condone misleading  advertising. Not everyone is a sophisticated shopper and we should be trying to help those who perhaps have less awareness than others about the perils of shopping in a capitalistic society


Mr. Magoo

If you need a project, why not do a little research and find out if Dr. Pepper actually finished his PhD.


Former foreign affairs minister John Manley says he 'would not travel to China right now'

Sean in Ottawa

I was looking for the right thread and this is the one about Canada's relations with China. Perhaps the title can be changed to be more generic.

So now China is drawing up retaliatory targets, according to this article, as the situation escalates.

Trudeau has stated at times that he will leave things to others to deal with. It is obvious that he has badly managed this file.

The article has an envoy suggesting that Canada take action against China. This has come up in terms of the US as well. It is true Canada cannot win these fights (with the US and China) but it is also true that neither of these countries wants to pay the cost of the fight and if Canada stands up for itself it may be less likely to be subjected to punishment as there would be a cost going the other way as well.

In the case of China, I am not sure if Canada is there yet. I don't think the first move should be to retaliate but ignoring the problem and thinking it will go away is a poor solution. I think it is long overdue for Canada to have its PM speak directly to China. I do not understand how things could get to this point without Trudeau having gotten on a plane to China and spoken to the Chinese government about the situation and what our position is, offering what we can. As it is, it seems as if China is trying to get Trudeau's attention and they will escalate to do so.

The situation is not completely one-sided either. China has reason to be upset. Trudeau may not be able to give them what they want but he has stated publicly that he is snubbing them (refusing to speak to them) and he has failed to acknowledge any understanding of why they are upset.

As for the US, Canada is being jeered at at the rallies of the US president becuase it is not standing up for itself. things are not getting better by kissing Trump's bottom. Canada could give a bloody nose to the US and I think that would have a less negative consequence than where we are accepting US bullying without making the US pay more of a price for it.

Instead of putting 10% tariffs and spreading the pain acceptably among a few industries -- Canada could target a few that Canada can do without and target those with crippling tariffs such that those industries scream. If Trump won't move then if there are a few businesses that depend on trade with Canada make them go bust. Yes Trump will hit back but the US will not tolerate the escalation and they will make him stand down.

Clearly the tactic of taking it on the chin and not doing much about it out of fear is only embolding Trump who is laughing about how weak Canada is. We are weak but not so weak that we cannot make Trump pay enough that he would have to think twice. Every time we give in, the US screws us again. No lesson learned here. Canada buys enough that we can throw both countries in recession and the US can decide if it wants to stand down. Failing to take action like that and Canada will slowly end up in the same place without the US having to pay enough to want to stop.

When it comes to China, Canada being weak  and accepting the bullying is inviting the Chinese response. If Canada were to stand up to the US and explain to china -- respectfully unlike what we have seen from Trudeau -- it is possible that China, while not agreeing might respect Canada a little and not pursue a campaign against us when it comes to trade.

Right now Cnaada's trade with the US is in shambles and the Trudeau government is letting bullying from there destroy relationships with others.

Not only is Canada suffering now but it is teaching the world that Canada is a weak country that won't stand up for itself. Think of the pain that is coming.



Why would I believe Guy Saint-Jacques when he makes this claim. It is unsupported by any documents. But it is typical of the CBC, they constantly get on imperial talking heads to give the Canadian public its daily dose of Tales from Big Brother.

Sean in Ottawa

kropotkin1951 wrote:

Why would I believe Guy Saint-Jacques when he makes this claim. It is unsupported by any documents. But it is typical of the CBC, they constantly get on imperial talking heads to give the Canadian public its daily dose of Tales from Big Brother.

Why disbelieve it though? China is not getting the attention of Canada and the Liberals have insulted them publicly. Why would China not do this? Think about it -- even if you accept that it is being exaggerated we can all see the deterioration in the relationship and no serious attempt to resolve it from Trudeau.

We are seeing an anemic response to both countries. Canada's PM could have made some statements publicly to China that it understands their point at least and that it regrets the situation. Instead Trudeau is putting his head in the sand.

Trudeau has been cowed by the US. China could at least see Canada standing up a little to the US.





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