Chopper down or helicopter crash

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Chopper down or helicopter crash\

The crash Tuesday injured four other people, including two coalition service members, an Afghan soldier and a U.S. civilian.

NATO said there were no reports of enemy fire in the area, and the cause of the crash is under investigation.


So the cbc reported this at midnight(might have happened earlier) but I would say odd there is a chance this has canadians. We usually get the Nato soldiers thing and later find out canadians werw involved. I am trying to accumulate data as to how often this happens. Pre new amercian policy it was pretty often the case. Maybe not now.

Beyond my speculation. I find it odd that every single helicoptor that has crashed is classified as such. Now is it information wars or have zero choppers been shot down? I tend to think there are either a great deal of bad pilots flying around(something we are told is not possible) or they are covering up and some of the helicopters are being shot down(also told isn't happening) So which is it.


A U.S. Air Force helicopter crashed late Thursday in Afghanistan's southeast, killing at least four people and wounding "numerous" others, the military said.

A spokesman for the Taliban said its fighters had shot it down, but an Afghan official said it appeared to have crashed due to mechanical failure.

"Four ISAF service members were killed in the crash," a military spokesman said. "The helicopter was brought down by hostile fire," he added.

Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, telephoned AFP from an undisclosed location to claim responsibility for the incident.

"We brought it down with a rocket. It crashed in the Sangin district bazaar today at around 10:00 am (0530 GMT)," Ahmadi said.

OK found an article that state one was shot down it was from france and this is june, the other osprey quoted above was american news outlet back in april.

ETA it should be noted that today I heard the brits are out of Sangin and the americans are moving in. The report said the brits had their heaviest casualties in this area.