Competing visions of Parliament

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Competing visions of Parliament



Goiod analysis by Topp. It sure is pleasantly refreshing at least to see a wee bit of actual comment in the MSP that isn't continuously bashing the NDP. What's that ole saying though, enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose. Tongue out


This suggests, overall, that the Conservative government is holding on to its core support with, possibly, a slight trend towards more strength within its range.

It suggests (contrary to many breathlessly enthusiastic reports) basically steady support for the New Democrats at their new, doubled level of support under their present leader.

And it suggests a slow, steady leak since June for the view that this Parliament is a prop for a can't-fail red team march to power.

Which isn't coming together, so far, despite some best efforts.

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Cross posting a link to this thread as it is germaine to Topp's article and his observations in it.