Cons MP Guergis Continuing Troubles With Elections Canada

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Cons MP Guergis Continuing Troubles With Elections Canada

EC won't allow MP to pay for newsletter as election expense
Guergis was quoted as saying a "householder must create the effect of directly promoting or opposing a registered party, its leader or candidate to be eligible as an election expense."


Geurgis sent out an MP's householder too close to the writ dropping, in violation of the Elections act- not to mention common sense.

I remember her giving a baffling set of explanations/excuses for why it happened. Then she dropped them anad said her campaign would reimburse the Government of Canada and charge it as an election expense.

This didn't really seem satisfactory becuase who was paying was not the issue. It was the use of the quasi-neutral housholder during a campaign.

Don't see whether EC intends to now proceed with action against her for violating the Elections Act. Perhaps this was the initial first step of deeming that it cannot be an election expense- for the reason she gave in the quote above.

It would be normal process if she and EC are negotiating her punishment.

She is totally tight lipped- repeatedly promising to say more and not following up.

I looked it up and the money they reimbursed was already returned to her campaign back in November. I didn't get the sense any of the media reports knew she had known for that long.