Conservative and Liberal Nominations for the 2009/2010 Election

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Conservative and Liberal Nominations for the 2009/2010 Election



So Paul "Wafergate" Zed is not running, eh! Sure, we believe you Paul, sure we do.


I wonder what paper this story was carried in. Laughing


The comments following the article are hilarous


Election link denied as Zed quits as Ignatieff's chief of staff


 This should be good. Hopefully a good Green candidate, Jim Stephenson, runs there, and splits the roght-wing vote 3 ways, allowing the NDP to take it. It really is a shame the Bloc does not run candidates in BC as well.

Veteran B.C. Tory eyes run for Parliament with Liberals

Fired by Harper government for raising shipping rates for coal companies, Daniel Veniez hints that he has his eye on Tory MP John Weston's riding


I agree the Paul Zed story sounds odd.  Zed is a personal friend of Ignatieff and Ignatieff is going to try as hard as he can to try and get Zed back into the House in the next election.


Conservative and Liberal Nominations

They could have one for one swaps between them, and nobody would be the wiser