Conservative Candidates for 2015

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Conservative Candidates for 2015

I thought it would be good to have a thread to monitor the Conservative nominations for 2015 since we have one for the Liberals & NDP, but not the CPC.


Sep 20 2014

Rob Anders loses second chance in Bow River

BROOKS, Alta. - In the end he never even showed up to hear the final results.

Calgary MP Rob Anders, whose controversies spanned the last 17 years, was beaten Saturday in this rural riding east of Calgary where he had hoped to resurrect his flagging political career.

Anders had sought the Conservative nomination in the new riding of Bow River, which covers a big swath of southern Alberta east of Calgary, including the communities of Strathmore, Brooks, Taber and Vauxhall.

He decided to make a second attempt after losing a bitterly fought battle in Calgary Signal Hill, which takes in a large part of the constituency of Calgary West that Anders represented for 17 years.

[. . .]

The mayor of the City of Brooks, Martin Shields, who had labelled Anders a "drop-in candidate", was named the winner.


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Breaking up the old 2011 Tory gang

Tim Harper

The list of Conservative MPs who will not run next year is growing. Are they the canaries in the Tory coal mine?