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Crash 2008 Thread

I just want to track the HUGE number of jobs that are dissapearing while our twiddle dee and twiddle dum coalition sit on there hands while the economy goes down the tue. Good thing I will get that extra 3 bucks a week...once I get my job back that is. Thanks Miven Ignaper.

[url=] Sony laying off[/url]

Sony has announced some restructuring measures, including cutting 8,000 of its 185,000 jobs around the world and shuttering five or six plants — about 10 per cent of its 57 factories.

[url=]Microsoft [/url]

Software giant Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will eliminate up to 5,000 jobs, including 1,400 this month, to reduce costs.


The global bank and insurer will book a large fourth-quarter loss, cut 7,000 jobs and change its CEO. The company predicts a loss of about $5.2 billion when it posts its earnings on Feb. 18.

[url=]GM [/url]

General Motors plans to cut 2,000 jobs at plants in Michigan and Ohio, and will halt production for several weeks at nine plants over the next six months, the company said Monday.


Caterpillar Inc. said Monday it will reduce its workforce by about 20,000 after the heavy equipment company announced a quarterly profit decline of 32 per cent.


The bank said Monday that most of its 107 small banking outlets in Safeway, Sobeys, Metro and IGA stores will close in April.


For BMO they say they will move the employees but that is doubtful as they haven't done that for their multiple branch closures.


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They should change the name to Homeless Depot and open the doors to people who dont have one.


There was an economist on CBC 3 months ago that said a lot of businesses that wanted to lay off will take advantage of the situation because they now have an excuse. I think we are seeing that now. There is no way that all these businesses are going belly up so damn quick. So even if they didn't have to shed their workforce, now is as good a time as any for downsizing without looking like a jerk for huge profits and killing jobs at the same time. The CEO are laughing all the way to the are the big shareholders.