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Ken, you just made the NDP out to be supportive of the Iraq war and Gitmo's secret gulag for torture. They haven't even been elected to federal government for the first time, and youre concerned about the NDP breaking promises already. Broken promises is more descriptive of our long-time stoogeocracy, but not the NDP,  or even Ralph Nader.  

George Victor


Thanks, Fidel.   It's a case of ratcheting up of a single issue's importance to a near hysteria. People fluncing off even though they know the party is the only one in the country doing a damned thing about housing and feeding a growing number of dispossessed.


The individual who authored the situation has combed the media universe and found:


"Well actually my little protest outside the convention was covered in the Canadian Press, BC's Province Newspaper, The Black Press, Now Magazine and The Coast Reporter, and I was on the front page of the Weekend Metro in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax, plus I was on CTV and Global TV News. I even inspired two editorial cartoons."


Now if one asked oneself why those media covered DANA LARSEN and not the social issues affecting the lives of millions, one understands that that is what a hostile media do to social democrats. Keeps the advertisers happy and advertising.


The ego does not understand this. And a large number of supposedly savvy are out lunching with him.

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Would anybody say this flower child  in a video should not be a delegate to NDP conventions?






Dana Larsen wrote:
Would it have been better if I had done as Brad Lavigne and Drew Anderson wanted, which was to stay at home and quietly accept my banishment? 

You're starting to get the idea!


Long thread. 


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