Democratic nominations?

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Wilf Day
Democratic nominations?

You can't turn on the television without hearing of a candidate being appointed to run for parliament somewhere in Canada.

In Germany, this would be illegal.

But isn't Germany the place, you may ask, where half the MPs are elected on a party list? Aren't they appointed? And anyway, can't parties do whatever they like?

No, and no. Germany has laws to guarantee democratic nominations.

Why can't Canada have laws making nominations democratic?

Why is Germany more democratic than Canada?

Wilf Day

The new normal: appointee runs against appointee. Michael Ignatieff has appointed Deborah Gillis to be the party’s candidate for the Halton riding in the next federal election. Former Conservative MP Garth Turner ran as the Liberal candidate in last fall’s federal election but lost to Conservative Lisa Raitt, who had also been appointed to the riding.

Any more appointed candidates this year?

Wilf Day

J.P wrote:
On a side note (please, this is meant respectfully) is this an NDP only blog? It seems when different viewpoints are posted, the words like "full of shit" come into play from some very angry people.

Over the last few years many discussions on electoral reform have been multi-partisan. Greens, Liberals for Electoral Reform, and democratic reform conservatives have showed up. More would have been welcome.

With campaigns like the Declaration of Voters' Rights and Fair Vote Canada saying "We need fair and unrestricted competition among political parties presenting democratically-nominated candidates" there's lots of room for poeple who are not NDP supporters.


Both Liberal candidates in the Quebec by-elections are appointed.