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remind wrote:

I reached my final conclusion when it was exposed that those women were working in the house illegally, and  upon hearing she had to be forced to return the 1 woman's passport. It is not acceptable for an MP, under any circumstances, to be conducting themselves suchly.

The rest of what information BTW?

LOL, Rex Murphy another person who I would never listen too, in order to form my opinions. Though it is interesting that he has now switched alligences to the Liberals from the CPC, I guess the fix is really in for them.

As I said above, I don't really like Ruby Dhalla myself.  I found her statements about the children who got beaten by the police in India to be quite callous.  After a certain point, she can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt.

Incidentally, the statements floated by her supporters in the Fall that she was a contender for the leadership were also ridiculous.  She does not speak French.  How can she be leader?

Btw, as for the Canadian media, it's not exactly a secret that now that Dion is gone many of them are going to support Ignatieff over Harper in the next election.


Because when one neocon goes sour, it's good that the liberal neocons can step into the limelight. It's just moving the deck chairs around without any reall switch.

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Who are the NDP riding executives here and are they applying the new organizing techniques gleaned at the Halifax convention last summer, or are the Cons just going to walk away with another riding once again?

The battle for Brampton

Sikhs from Ruby Dhalla's riding are defecting in droves to the Conservatives, marking a huge shift in immigrant politics and giving Stephen Harper his first foothold in the traditionally Liberal GTA





You don't apply organizing techniques overnight.

And techniques is not the issue anyway.

Commit resources, and techniques follow.

You should put some of that energy into getting involved with your own riding association. As well as being useful in its own right, it adds to ones perspective.

George Victor

Meanwhile, back in the small-town (immigrant poor) ridings - you folks have perhaps noticed the mileage that the Cons are getting out of the Lib's  idea that three years residency gets you a pension.  The old timers have gone apoplectic hereabouts.