Discussion about coalition government

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Discussion about coalition government

Okay, we have WAY too many threads on this - let's consolidate.

Please discuss the ramifications, possibilities, etc. here. 

If you have something REALLY REALLY NEW on this, or something that really doesn't fit in this thread, then start a new one, but please, try your best to make it fit here so that we can have one active thread at a time with a wide-ranging discussion about this. 

But please don't start a new thread every time any little speck of news breaks on this, or every time you have a thought. Makes it way easier for everyone to navigate these threads.


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If I have no thoughts is this the appropriate place to not post them?

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[url=http://rabble.ca/news/coalition-lets-not-give-away-store]Coalition? Let's not give away the store[/url]

Michelle, I really think you should leave my thread open. At the time I started my first post in it, there were no threads open for pro/anti coalition discussion. And because this software doesn't format properly when you copy text, it took 20 minutes to fix it so it would wrap properly. I'm not about to spend 20 minutes redoing it in this thread. Now babblers don't see John Riddell's article unless they go to the front page. Many won't.


It's ridiculous, we have like 20 threads or something and they're all with people following the news about it and arguing the merits of coalition government.  It's not necessary.

What I CAN do is change your thread title to make YOUR thread the general thread for discussion about coalition government.  That way your formatting will remain intact.


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