Doer Steps Down - Federal Leadership Next?

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Doer Steps Down - Federal Leadership Next?


While there is a thread in the regions section that I am sure will laud/criticize the Premier legacy in Manitoba, I wonder if he is ready to make a move for the federal leadership if the wheels fall off the party's bus this fall or spring.


If Jack can't deliver growth, or heaven forbid we even lose seats in the next campaign, then some in the party will want to see a change at the top. The thinking is that Jack would have secured his place in our history by bringing us back from the abyss, but he couldn't take the party to the next level.


So I ask, would Gary Doer consider running to be the next federal New Democrat leader? If so, then what are the pros and cons.



I really hope that at 61 he has decided it is a good time to retire and live a less stressful live.  He is too old to light a fire under the demographic that the NDP needs desperately to engage and convince that they are in tune with their needs.


Already a thread going on this here:

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