Does Canada export tyranny or democracy to the world

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Does Canada export tyranny or democracy to the world


If want to read one article then last one is best. 


I would say that Canada exports democracy when is convienent but when things expensive democracy goes out the door.  Canada is desperate to open new markets in the middle east but what does it have to offer?  Arms.  When there is money to be made then democracy goes out window, or stragetic interest also trump democracy.  Canada is quielty supporting the Saudis in there war agaisnt Yemen.  We have bad relations in Iran so we support the Saudis in there proxy war agaisnt Yemen.  Are the Saudis fighting in Yemen prop up democarcy i don not think so. 


I not conservative and will not ever support the Conservatives. That said the Conservatives are open as the reason they sell arms that will used to suppress people.  Jobs, Money, and support an ally(Stick it the Irans). On the other had Liberals  come up excuses and craven lies to justity the arms trade.  The liberals party support the arms trade for the same reasons the conservatives support it but unlike the conservatives which dont bother to lie to the public about the reasons.  The Liberals come up fiction and muddy the waters as why the sell arms.  And Ndp lets say they are spotty on the arms industry and i am cynical so I think arms sells would continue to human rights absures.  This a potentially very good way to undermine the liberals and their claims about being a paragon ethical politics. But NDP has to decide if would enforce the laws in to arms trade if they get in government. 


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Please don't just stop at the arms trade......Canada's support for its mining industry is in gross violation of the rights of indigenous not to mention a crime against humanity for its destruction of the habitat crucial for the survival of people on the land, especially in countries where no access to transfer payments exist.......but of course the biggy here is Canada's support for its financial institutions....through its Central Banking, inflating amongst other assets, real estate and land, bankrupting farming.......not to mention undermining the stability of money and credit, the foundation of stable economics....