Don Davies Calls Out CBC News For Its "Brazen Lack Of Balance"

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Mighty Middle
Don Davies Calls Out CBC News For Its "Brazen Lack Of Balance"

NDP MP Don Davies in a series of tweets,

Watching CBC national news: 3 federal stories (vaccine rollout, economic support and sexual assault claims against CAF head) – quotes + video of Liberals, not a single opposition comment. This is not balanced coverage from our national broadcaster and is happening too frequently.

Just saw a 4th and 5th federal story on CBC national news: on Meng case and Uyghers. Trudeau quoted on both. No opposition. That’s 5 straight federal stories on CBC TV news with exclusively Liberal comment. Brazen lack of balance.




Every honest political analyst in Canada knows the CBC fronts for the Liberals. It's not only embarrassing, but downright hypocritical to boot.
The CBC does amazing' documentaries and other programming, but when it comes to neutrality in politics, the CBC sold out a long time ago lock, stock and barrel
Sad but true.

A good example was this morning's puff interview of a Surrey Liberal MP by CBC's Vancouver morning host Stephen Quinn about Canada selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia. What a croc that was, to say the least!