Duceppe says Bloc Quebecois has heard voters' message

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Duceppe says Bloc Quebecois has heard voters' message

With the Conservatives crowing the Bloc Québécois no longer has a “monopoly on Quebec values,” Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe Tuesday morning said his party has heard the message from voters loud and clear.

In a statement, Duceppe said voters in the eastern Quebec riding of Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup were unhappy with the Bloc in opting to vote for the Conservative candidate, La Pocatière mayor Bernard Généreux.

Duceppe took solace in the fact the Bloc retained the riding of Hochelaga, where former Parti Québécois cabinet minister Daniel Paillé coasted to victory.

But the rest of the results were bad news for the Bloc.

“Whether the results are favourable or not, in an election the voters are always right,” Duceppe said. “And when they speak, we have to respect their decision. It is an expression of democracy.”






Boom Boom Boom Boom's picture

I'm curious as to what the BQ might do to change their message in order to appeal to voters who voted Conservative in these byelections.

Ken Burch

I'd be prepared to hear some burqa-bashing from the Bloc bench.