Election Act's New Muzzle

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Election Act's New Muzzle

I believe these changes have been introduced to protect our democracy from Chinese bots.

The issue arose because one party running in October's election denies climate change is a threat.

That has led Elections Canada to warn groups that running paid advertisements about climate change could be considered partisan activity.

Advocates called the guidance "ludicrous" and say it will dampen urgent climate discussions.

The UN has called for decisive political action by 2020 to put an end to climate change.

"The guidance is extremely troubling," Stephen Cornish, the CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental charity, told the BBC.

"We would have to bury the scientific consensus around climate change when we should be ramping up our activities."


So does this make any ads during the election by Canadian Taxpayers and their ilk illegal. After all there is more than one party running saying we need to run a deficit and that taxes need to be raised to pay for services. Interesting concept of limiting debate during the writ period to only political parties. Like all things in our liberal Canadian rule of law the real story will be which organizations gets harassed and which get a free pass.

Ken Burch

They want Elections Canada to go to the Fraser Institute and spend hours telling it Henny Youngman jokes?


Thanks for posting that, cco.  I heard the delightful tidbit on the radio, but wasn't able to find it on the (real) CPC website or Twitter feed.