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I wonder what Jack and Olivia are planning vis-a-vis watching the wedding.

Laugh all you want but my sleep-deprived wife (on mat leave with our latest - and yes, I do my nights with the little-un too but I sleep like log and fall back asleep like a light swithc while my wife wakes at pin-drop and then struggles to return to slumberland) is still planning on waking up/remaining up when the "pre-game" show gets started at 1:00 am (Edmonton time).

I think it is humanizing, common touch sort of thing to reveal (if sincerly felt, btw) some interest by Jack and Olivia in the Kate and William show.  If there is one criticism of Jack it is that he is "too" much of the politician.  That is why that photo of him in the Habs bar in Montreal wearing the classic sweater with a mug of ale was so perfect.  This would be the "feminine" equivilant.

Any criticism by the Bloc (monarchist plot) or Tories (NDP fairytale policies) would look mean-spirited.  "Doesn't everyone want to be a prince or a princess, if only for one day." or "I'm just happy for two young people who are so clearly in love...I remember when Olivia and I...and our kids' wedding..."  Throw in a couple of "this is a reminder of why everyone should have the chance to marry the person they love..."

Anyhow, back to see if there is any news on which tiarra Kate is going with...

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I hope they are sleeping like I will be.  This royal circus for the masses is not exactly something that Jack needs to even comment on. I think it would make him look like a politicain who will sink to any level to get a phot op, exactly the opposite of the image he needs to convey.

I find it appalling that our news media in a country trying to export democracy by force is giving more "news" coverage to this ritual than to the election to determine our parliament.  Someone should tell them the monarchy is actually irrelevant to the vast vast majority of Canadian citizens.

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NorthReport wrote:
 And people please don't react negatively to the nonsense such as what's in the National Post today about unions taking over control of Canada now. There is so much bullshit flying around against the NDP sometimes silence is golden.

Think this is an example of the political  ideologues getting it wrong with what they are telling the press to say.


The young people who are now voting have gotten sick and tired of being exploited by their bosses. They are incredibley smart and know that union jobs are where the protection and financial security is at. And they do not want to work in 'low paying' service industry jobs for the rest of their life.

They just might be on board for  unions looking after their interests. The ones that I know are extremely supportive of unions. And if the religious right is against unions as well as their "bosses" then they are for them.

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Screw the royal wedding. I hope the anarchists break it up!


I dont think Harper lashing out is desperate.

In comparison to what they have been saying in previous days, I think they have found their groove: take the groundwork of the anti-coalition and you need us foolishness, and hype it up even more. [Because Jack Layton himself is even worse than Jack behind PM Iggy's shoulder.]

This is not a winning strategy. But there no longer is anything in an air campaign they can DO to facilitate a majority.

Its a strategy for setting a firebreak. A majority was always less likey. What is REQUIRED is governing, and that means keeping as close as possible to the staus quo.


time for the new thread...

Election Talk [15]


If Jack does get involved at least do better than Harper and send the happy couple something more interesting than camping gear.


as a premanently underemployed person, what really fascinates me is the idea that maybe Canadians are waking up and not believing the lies anymore.

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:rolleyes: @ knownothing...




ghoris wrote:
Further evidence the Cons are getting very worried - the Con war room just released a lengthy "Reality Check" news release titled "What does a vote for Jack Layton's NDP really mean?" 

From the release - a vote for Jack Layton's NDP means:

- A Vote for Longer Winters, More Mosquitos in Summer

One Winnipegger to another! :D


Steve_Shutt you are absolutely correct.

Even after the results are in, yes let's celebrate what we won, but no gloating as we will always need more allies to wrestle back control of our governments from the right-wing attack we have been under since the Ronald Reagan / Brian Mulroney eras. Even if the NDP ends up with a majority government we may be limited because the right-wing Liberals and Conservatives have stacked the Senate  against us.

 And people please don't react negatively to the nonsense such as what's in the National Post today about unions taking over control of Canada now. There is so much bullshit flying around against the NDP sometimes silence is golden. Jack Layton and his excellent team of MPs know the drill and usually know best how to respond and stay on our message of change, and attacking poverty and unemployment, etc.

I know there is still miles and miles of work to do but you NDPers and supporters should be very proud of your efforts so far. Just make sure you give it that extra push now until Monday nite, because the Cons will definitely be doing it big time. And when all the work is over, please make sure you attend the NDP party in your riding, as you deserve appreciations for all your efforts. None of this is possible without everyone's support.