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David Young

November 17th, Oshawa-Whitby and Yellowhead.

Let the fun begin again!



Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says both the Liberal and Conservative governments had the chance to act on childcare in this country but failed time and time again to do so.

He attended a meeting at Durham College in Oshawa recently where he met with parents, childcare professionals, elected officials and community groups to discuss building a plan to improve childcare on the whole.

“The costs for parents are astronomical,” he says. “They (the Conservatives)  have done nothing.”

He says a program similar to Quebec’s would provide families with affordable  childcare, since that program amounts to $7 per day.

“Coming from Quebec we know it’s possible to do better,” he says, adding he realizes childcare is a provincial matter, but so is healthcare and there have been solutions to better that sector across Canada.


[b]Mulcair was joined by Trish McAuliffe, the NDP candidate for the byelection  in Whitby-Oshawa, Oshawa MPP Jennifer French and Durham Region Child and Youth Advocate, Regional Councillor Amy England.[/b]

[url=]Child Care a National Priority: Mulcair (Oshawa Express)[/url]

Whitby is a major commuter suburb for young families where one or both parents work in Toronto. The NDP's announcement of this child care initiative is very well timed for the byelection.


Thanks robbie_dee.

That would be huge.