Expanding Cabinet & Election Financing

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Expanding Cabinet & Election Financing

I must admit, I missed this at first. The appointment of 16 additional cabinet ministers and the cutting political funding should not be viewed as contradictory policies. They should be looked at as component pieces of a common policy.

Think about it. 16 new cabinet ministers mean 16 newly staffed cabinet offices. Although the employees in these offices are technically government employees, the work they do is generally highly politicized and they are in essence working for the governing party. In other words, they do the work that party employees would otherwise do.

So, when the Tories cut direct funding to political parties, they are cutting it from everyone except themselves. They still get their money from government coffers. Its just comes in through the back door.


That's right ggs. Cons talk about "taking leadership" and first showing the public that politicans need to lead by example, except that they are hoping the public didn't notice that they added 16 cabinet positions and the "huge costs" associated with that. Do we have a price tag for that? Those optics need to be revealed for the sham of it.

Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!

bush is gone ha...

wow! money is first and foremost in the CONs minds:


Those journalists must feel the corporate axes falling around them.  When they do, they can do some nice reporting sometimes! 


why is it that polling booths look like cattle chutes?