A Faceless Nation

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A Faceless Nation

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Canadians need more than celebrity from Justin Trudeau


Duncan Cameron

| May 3, 2016


From <http://rabble.ca/columnists/2016/05/canadians-need-more-celebrity-justin-trudeau>


We have become an insular faceless nation cowering in the shadow of the empire terrified of exercising even a modest amount of sovereignty.

What we have yet to realize is that the more you give in to the bully the more he demands; the more arrogant and contemptuous of our obvious weakness he becomes. In the end, the bully takes all and we get nothing.

 This is the very reason we cannot afford to sign on to the TPP- for Canada it is the last chapter, the final resignation. This government does not have the moral or political fortitude to say no to the TPP. It is the death knell for Canada and we will have gone from colony to nation to colony, an utterly pathetic outcome.

 There will be no flags at half-mast to mark Canada's passing as we have simply lost our sense of nationhood constantly betrayed by our political and economic elites.

 As George Grant said half a century ago the Liberals only want the trappings of power, and are otherwise content to preside over our demise.

The one way to stop the TPP is for Canadians to demand a binding national referendum on the TPP.

Please sign and share: http://you.leadnow.ca/p/natref...