Fantino endorsed by Liberal former opponent

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Ken Burch
Fantino endorsed by Liberal former opponent

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Ken Burch



The former political opponent of Julian Fantino has thrown his support behind the Conservative candidate, accusing the Liberals of betrayal and of being out of touch with Canadians.

"I have arrived at this decision after careful consideration and deliberation, recognizing that given my history and background, this will come as a surprise to many," Tony Genco said in an open letter to Vaughan, Ont., the riding currently held by Fantino.

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And "strategic voting" types wonder why some people don't trust them?


If that cat had seen this story from 2 days ago, maybe not such a shock:

Ken Burch

Ahhh...payback, then...all is revealed.

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Moving to Ontario, still not the metonymic Canada...

Ken Burch

It was interesting to note that the CBC closed this story to commenting.  What, I wonder, were they afraid of people saying?


I notice that there was a new Liberal candidate in place in Vaughn before Genco endorsed the Generalissimo.Genco came pretty close to winning the byelection and I would have thought he would have some claim on the nomination for the general election. Maybe he is reacting to being denied the nomination. Does anyone know what went on behind the scenes?

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LOL!  So he wanted to run as a Liberal, he lost the nomination on Sunday, and suddenly, in a joyous coincidence, he has a huge epiphany about the Liberals!


The fox who longed for grapes, beholds with pain
The tempting clusters were too high to gain;
Grieved in his heart he forced a careless smile,
And cried ,'They're sharp and hardly worth my while.'

Ken Burch

Genco lost a byelection TO THE GOVERNING PARTY(something that rarely happens to the official Opposition in any country with a parliamentary system)in one of the safest Liberal ridings in Ontario.  Why would he EVER think they'd give him a second chance after that?

This also begs the question...if Genco had won the byelection, is there any reason to think he wouldn't have crossed over to the Tories anyway?  It's not like the previous Stephen Harper was replaced by an saintly extraterrestrial lookalike in the past three months.