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Actually I think there is little different between the two - which is part of what is driving the Liberal dive.  Harper and Ignatieff's rhetoric in oppostion is almost identical.   Check Ignatieff's actual record, not what the Liberals are trying to pretend his record is.  He is clearly a PC.


you dont need to convince me, but PC is still better than the Canadian Alliance! I voted for the NDP already..i know the record, anyways i agree with you guys.


NorthReport wrote:

Like he has a choice.


Ignatieff would work with Layton if NDP held more seats than Liberals



OMG!!!!! Iggy just toss everything he had worked for when telling Canadians that the ndp can't win under the bus. Serious that last pillar of his election stragegy he just killed off. What does Iggy know that we don't and why was Rae standing behind him like an enforcer. Iggy just came clean and admitted Jack can win which will make it harder for the media to keep pretending it can't happen. Why the total 180? What is Iggy after? WTF is he up too?

I've seen odd manvuers during elections and I have seen bad campaigns, but nothing like what has been going on in this one. Gilles toss an entire career of making Seperatists seem rational and even friendly, maybe even trying make it seem like they would be allies of a Quebecless Canada under the bus, Iggy just toss the Liberals last hope under the bus and the only people more surprised then the media, the NDP, and Steven Harper will be his own @ucking candiates. Is he hoping to be the Minister of Forgeign Affairs in a Layton government? Is this a last ditched attempt at saving his job as Liberal leader or did he decide he hates Steven more then Jack or did Rae force him to do it?

Steven on the other hand is linked to terrorists, puts out ads that just make Layton look like a winner by targeting him, a scares voters away by bullying the media along with possible corrupting scandle and along with other wierd behavior.

It like they are trying to lose to Jack on purose. Seriously were passed stupidity and have entered the twilight zone. Jack winning maybe the normal part of this election.


I'm not 100% on what Ignatieff said. I think the reporters asked him whether he would work with an NDP-led coalition and he said he was open to all options. If he didn't (e.g. if he said point blank that he would work with an NDP-led coalition), then this is good news, because there is no guarantee the Liberals wouldn't turn around and form a coalition with the Conservatives. At least in that case this shows *some* willingness.


Exactly gyor. Only the NDP and the Greens have not run completely off the rails this election.


NorthReport wrote:

All I know is that they would have been cheering for Layton.

So will the NDP sweep Mississauga?


(LOL) You know, we think that every move, every word is calculated, and often we wouldn't be wrong.  But we're well off the rails now from anyone's script, so I wouldn't attribute chess like moves in what has become a game of bozkashi.

But still, Harper's admonision today about not believing politicians (!? as they say in chess) and this Ignatief story does have one thinking that they've seen some numbers that we haven't.

CBC radio today said the Liberals bought half hour spots on two networks, just to get Ignatief's face out there, so people could "get to know him."  

My god, that's what you do on week one, at the latest.


Putting your candidate Ignatieff, in a place where he would be booed in public is just dumb, dumb, campaign organizing. Who is running the Liberal train wreck anyway?


Aristotleded24 wrote:

Exactly gyor. Only the NDP and the Greens have not run completely off the rails this election.

I almost forgot the Greens. Yeah May had her weird moment during the debate when she claimed that women and natives weren't addressed when everone else heard it. Still compared to the funny farm that is running the Bloc, Libs, and the cons she seems sane.


gyor wrote:
I almost forgot the Greens.



I went to the Toronto Star and the Globe and mail and they did not mention Iggy 180. The Globe appears to have moved from from denial i.nto save the Liberal Party mode.


Ehm...excuse me, but have you forgotten the Green party candidate's "rape" comment on facebook.


The booing of ignatieff at that hockey arena could not have come at a worse time for the Liberals.




edmundoconnor wrote:

Promoted as an opportunity for voters to see Ignatieff "up close and personal,"

Are the Liberals sure that's a good idea?

______________________________________________________________________________________ Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!


Anonymouse wrote:

Ehm...excuse me, but have you forgotten the Green party candidate's "rape" comment on facebook.

I forgot the Green Party period. Still that is two weird moments for the greens.




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