Federal Political Leadership: Layton tied with Ignatieff

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Federal Political Leadership: Layton tied with Ignatieff


within margin of error.




Best PM Question:
Of the following individuals, who do you think would make the best Prime Minister? [Rotate]
Stephen Harper 34.8%
Michael Ignatieff 17.7%
Jack Layton 14.9%
Gilles Duceppe 6.5%
Elizabeth May 4.5%
None of them 9.0%
Unsure 12.6%




Yes Stephen Harper has what appears to be an insurmountable lead at the moment but things can change on a dime in politics. Let's start playing smart instead of being a bunch of sheep. 

Harper is succeeding with his mission but only because he is being allowed to do so.

There has been a lot of comments expressed here about how people dislike Harper.  

People don't give a flying fig whether or not you like Harper, it is his Conservative policies that need to be attacked.

Get it!

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You mean like his policies to tell high school kids to stop phoning the PMO's office looking for environment protection information on policies and directions, or taxpayer's paying for environmentally friendly water bottles with the Cons MP's name and Con logo on it?


Or pork barrell politics and misrepresenting taxpayer's money as theirs, that seems just fine with some segments of the population...