A financial review of last year's election

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A financial review of last year's election

Alice Funke of Pundit's Guide has done a review of central campaign and candidate spending in the 2011 election. The NDP central campaign slightly outspent the Conservative and Liberal campaigns, which has to be a first. The local numbers are different, with 102 Conservative riding associations spending above 90% of the limit, 44 Liberal associations and just 10 NDP associations spending that much. 


It looks like strengthening riding association organization and capacity to fundraise is going to be really critical for the next election for the NDP.


Hence Mulcair promise to use millions of dollars to do just that.


The Conservatives spending far more in the riding campaigns comes from a combination of party [central] fundraising, and the campaigns themselves. It is not primarily the strength in the riding associations.

The NDP needs to step up the central fundraising just as badly. It just isn't starting from near zero.