Fmr. Liberal Official Sentenced to Jail.

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Fmr. Liberal Official Sentenced to Jail.

A Quebec judge slapped an exemplary sentence Friday on a former Liberal official involved in fraud and influence peddling a decade ago, sending Benoît Corbeil to jail for 15 months and imposing $137,000 in financial penalties.


The part that has me laughing, is that when the dust all settles, the Liberal Party of Canada is $177,000 richer. 


“In these troubled times in which trust in our democratic institutions seems to be shaken, the courts must denounce and show they reprove actions that go against the fundamental values of our society,” Judge Coupal said in her ruling.


A ruling-- assuming the Party actually collects the $117,000-- that puts money in the pockets of the democratic institution that engaged in this massive fraud. 

Guess who just made Iggy's short list for Supreme Court.