"The frightening thought that taxes are bad"

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"The frightening thought that taxes are bad"

What a despicible personal attack.

I am no particular fan of Simpsons but if one's arguments are so weak you have to resort this this kind of personal silliness, one could easily assume that the entire article is nonsense. 


The frightening thought that taxes are bad




I'm no economist, but every time someone talks about taxes being bad for economies, I can't help but think of who is represented in these economies.  Is it like short hand for corporations?  Investors? 

Of course it looks like one guy on the right is calling another guy on the right, not right enough.  Almost surreal.


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NorthReport wrote:
What a despicible personal attack.

Huh? In the thread to which MS links, I and others didn't see Simpson's prose as the problem. Harper is out to lunch on this.

Edited to add: Are you saying that Corcoran's attack on Simpson is despicable and personal? If so, ignore the comment above.

George Victor

Just e-mailing J.Simpson now with a congratulatory note.

At lunch, a friend said his column summed up the "very scary PM" very nicely.



We already have a thread going on this here, so lets close this and continue on that one.

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