A Fundamental Shift in Canadian Politics

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Aristotleded24 wrote:

I'm not meaning to suggest that everything west of Ontario is the same. I feel when there is talk about the importance of "Ontario and Quebec," that everything west of Ontario is being ignored. On that point I think we can have some basis of agreement.

I also agree with your contention that there are differences within Western Canada, which you've pointed to in BC. I'd also go out on a limb and suggest that there are differences even within Ontario and Quebec,

My point is that the platform needs to have enough flexibility to reasonably articulate concerns in every region of the country.

I grew up in Northern Ontario and TO was still called Hogtown so I agree with your comment. The regional aspect is important but the type of voter a party is chasing will also affect the message. 

IMO The reason the BC NDP has been snatching defeat from jaws of victory is they are trying to appeal to the wrong voters. In BC a large segment of the population is inherently anti-NDP.  They have been fed the anti-socialist shit all their lives and no matter how reasonable the NDP trys to make its message they will never ever vote for them.  Trying to convince voters who in the past have voted Liberal or Conservative is a fools game for a party on the left. Trying to light a fire under voters who have never voted before by offering signifcant locally controled programs to deal with housing, childcare and seniors poverty is a better gamble.  I don't mean just having those issues in the platform I mean having those issues become the economic engine of a major community based mutual aid society. Of course the corporate MSM will go rabid but at least it would be fight worth fighting. But the good news is voters who have voted for the NDP because it was a lefty party will all turn out and they might even convince one or two of their cynical friends who have never voted that this time the party has a shot and they are going to deliver change.

Of course the party will most likely devise a strategy to steal voters from the two other parties by running on a safe middle of the road platform with little promises on all the right issues. Like the BC NDP with its $20 buck a month increase to GAIN.