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G8/G20: It's here!

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CODEPINK Activist Detained for Over 48 Hours at Canadian Border After Being Denied Entry to Canada

Two activists from the group CODEPINK taking part in the US Social Forum were detained and prevented from entering Canada on Wednesday when they tried to cross the border from Detroit. Democracy Now!’s Mike Burke spoke with one of them, CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin

Cytizen H


Rally. March. Block Party. Tent City.

Allan Gardens, 2:30

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Brother Coles's response to Marcus Gee column in the Globe:

We condemn violence at the G-8 and the G-20

Dave Coles
President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP)

Columnist Marcus Gee blames the massive security overkill at the Toronto summit on
the rhetorical threat from a handful of fringe groups.

I am an activist. I condemn the use of violence by citizens at the upcoming summit

I also condemn sound cannons, water cannons, plastic bullets, CS gas, and the
alarming sight of a police officer armed with a machine gun at the corner of
Dundas and Yonge at lunch time on Wednesday.

The demonstrations that have already taken place have been completely peaceful.
In every case police have massively outnumbered marchers.

The Surete du Quebec admitted using agents provocateurs at the Montebello Summit
in 2007. I know. I was there. I unmasked them and asked one to put down the rock
he was carrying in his hand. You can take a look on YouTube. The footage has been
viewed half a million times.

Now the RCMP confesses they intend to use "infiltrators". That is a polite word
for agents provocateurs.

Security forces continue their massive mobilization, despite CSIS Chief Richard
Fadden's admission there is no evidence of a terrorist threat.

The unrelenting coverage of the security overkill at the summit distracts from the
ugly fact that this summit, like all those before it, will be a catastrophic
failure when it comes to dealing with the world's suffering.

Dave Coles
President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP)


Great, thanks Catchfire, you beat me to the punch. Whoops, that sounded violent...

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How I was detained by G8 security: CP journalist


While one stood guard over me, presumably for my own safety, officers from the Ontario Provincial Police crime unit descended on the vehicle.

Then, the G8 security task force sent in their people. More uniforms took notes.

"Of course, we are very curious about why you are carrying body armour and a gas mask in your car," said a female officer who asked not to be identified in the media. In fact, no one could be identified. For security reasons, of course.

"You understand."

All standard equipment issued by my employer for covering demonstrations that could get out of hand, I assured them.

Seems my assurances weren't good enough.

"What is your supervisor's name?" one officer asked.

"We'll need to speak with him," said another.

They called Scott White, editor-in-chief of The Canadian Press, to confirm that our reporters are issued safety equipment like gas masks and vests. But that apparently wasn't enough to get me through.

Soon, a helicopter was hovering overhead.

Then came the bomb-sniffing dogs.

I was still being detained, nearly two hours after being pulled over. And I was growing only slightly aggravated by the lengths to which they were going to interrogate a reporter.

I saw a story. So I asked that I be allowed to videotape my interrogators.

"You can't do that," said one moustached officer.

"We have protocols, and you wouldn't want to put us in danger, now would you?"

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Harper's Aggressive Plans

Here is a (non-exhaustive) guide to five of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plans at the G20 and G8 meetings. In an effort to keep it relatively short, I have added numerous links rather than expound on every issue. Use the article as an outline and then go find out more by checking the links for background and references.


I hope the young man in this video runs for public office.  He clearly has a better understanding of the Charter than any of the police officers who attempted to violate his rights, or than our idiot Premier.  (h/t skdadl at pogge)



G20 Saturday Evening

CBC live coverage of G8/G20 "protest control" where 2 Police cars are on fire, Police line moving forward pushing the crowd beyond the designated protest/gathering area near the U of T....

I just have to say that it is good to see something happening, although it is a bit counterproductive to burn police cars. And it gives the CBC [Mansbridge] a chance to call them all "hooligans", despite the fact that the vast majority of the protestors are not hooligans.

I have been watching this live coverage for about an hour now. It is really too bad that CBC cannot find a few minutes to give the protestors a voice.

And when the TV news does give the protestors a chance to talk about what they are protesting, it is so rarely one of the leaders who is more capable of delivering a message clearly on live TV than the average person supporting the protest [but who often gets the camera time].

A rock was thrown. Oh wow, how exciting... it would be if the rock thrower was shown to be an Agent Provocateur [AP]. Mansbridge did not mention that possibility of course, despite the proven AP actions from a couple years ago [in Toronto?].

Anyhow, it is good to see that people are protesting the agenda of the G20. Those issues will be discussed later on in this forum I hope.


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Yes, funny how the "free speech zone" in Queens Park, which was suppose to have a "pipe" into the G20 summit for the leaders to hear the voices of the protesters, was never set up.

Then the police charge into the peaceful protesters at Queens Park for no apparent reason, so they couldn't even use the now useless free zone zone they were suppose to be able to us.

Then the police spokesperson comes on and claims that it was the violence of the protesters that was the cause of the police actions?

The police and the G20 organizers should be put up on charges of trying to incite a riot.

Harper, take your G20 and shove it up your fucking ass you worthless piece of shit.

Oh, and Noah_Scape ... I've been watching the CBC coverage for several hours, and I haven't heard a single word from a single protester either.




Noah_Scape wrote:
And it gives the CBC [Mansbridge] a chance to call them all "hooligans", despite the fact that the vast majority of the protestors are not hooligans.

I'm not a CBC news junkie, but every report I've heard so far has made a pretty clear distinction between what they call "about 50" "anarchists" or "black bloc", and thousands of real demonstrators.

If Mansbridge called everyone "hooligans", then he must be condemned - but first, I'd like a quote in context, or a link.

As for the burners and looters, they are far worse than hooligans. They are indeed agents of the state, probably underpaid, and possibly even deluded into believing they are doing something good. In the good old days - and even today, in our workers' demonstrations and on picket lines - we look after our own agents provocateur before they can do any damage. It's a shame that the movement is not at the level where we could deal with these assholes before they can serve the state's agenda.



We've gotten to over 100 arrested. Police Chief Bill Blair now confirms 103 arrests.


Although it's illegal, you struggle see quite how this guy's decision to bare all merits the police response.

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Ben Powless and many, many other peaceful protesters are being arrested at Novotel.

Steve Paikin. Steve Paiken has been "escorted" from the area. I've heard a report that all journalists are being cleared out. A CTV producer was arrested earlier, as were two National Post photographers.

The sound of helicopters overhead is constant.

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"i saw police brutality tonight. it was unnecessary. they asked me to leave the site or they would arrest me. i told them i was dong my job." — http://twitter.com/spaikin

ss atrahasis

Most people are behind the protesters that I've heard from, which is different than usual. Say's a lot about this G-20 gongshow and the bullcrap going on behind their fence.


Steve Paikin's latest tweets [assembled]:

we must make a distinction between the "thugs" who broke store windows and torched cop cars and the very reasonable citizens who just wanted to remind the authorities that the freedom to speak and assemble shouldn't disappear because world leaders come to town. i have lived in toronto for 32 years. have never seen a day like this. shame on the vandals. and shame on those that ordered peaceful protesters attacked and arrested. that is not consistent with democracy in toronto, G20 or no G20

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From The Torontoist: We've learned that the reporter that the reporter arrested at the Novotel Hotel earlier tonight, who Steve Paikin claims he saw "assaulted," is Jesse Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld is a Guardian freelancer, on assignment with the U.K. paper; on Friday, he filed "Rejecting G20's consensus of the few" for the paper. — http://torontoist.com/2010/06/live_g20_saturday.php

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ottawaobserver wrote:

I hope the young man in this video runs for public office.  He clearly has a better understanding of the Charter than any of the police officers who attempted to violate his rights, or than our idiot Premier.  (h/t skdadl at pogge)


Those police officers should be charged with theft. They stole that young man's goggles, on camera, with no colour of right whatsoever. The whole episode is a disgusting example of how Orwellian this country has become.



Indigenous Activists Protest G8/G20 Meetings in Toronto


"The G20 are not respecting indigenous rights across the world. They're bending over backwards, so that way, corporate colonialism can control indigenous lands and indigenous peoples, who are directly affected by the decisions made at the G20.

So, being in solidarity with Palestinians and liberation armies from South America, we've felt the need to come out here today and represent the warriors' voice, when the liberal organizations are coming out to pacify the movement.." MC - Ojibwe Nation


I watched the CBC yesterday, and what struck me about the 'vandals' scene is how staged it looked.

Two police cars, empty and with open windows, parked out front, apart from everything else, serving no obvious purpose. Masked person saunters up to one, in plain sight of camera, nobody trying to stop him, no sense of urgency or subterfuge... Another one lets camera have a good gawk at his pick-hammer*, then calmly and delibaretely smashes plate glass... Almost as if they didn't expect to be stopped.

Mass of robocops in full regalia over here; mass of bicycle cops in shorts and yellow macs, no protective gear, over there, just standing around. Huh?

*(whatever it's called; i sure wasn't going to say tool)


Ha! I just snagged this off another thread



About those curious blazing police cars.   I was at the site, close to those cars.   We were confronted by scores of menacing cops, who were keeping crowds back.   Then, an odd thing happened.   The cops retreated and went elsewhere, leaving both cars abandoned.   I thought this was MOST peculiar.   When was the last time you saw cops abandoning their own police cars?   Within about 30 minutes, angry people (not black-clad 'anarchists') were stomping on the cars, and then both cars were set aflame -- how I don't know.   MOST peculiarly again, not a single cop was there to step in, although there were hundreds of them just around the corner on Spadina Avenue.  The whole thing reeked of a set-up.

CP-24's non-stop, hysterical 'coverage' has been predictably one-sided.   The thousands of peaceful demonstrators were all but forgotten.   Now, it's all about 'anarchists' and 'thugs'.


Thought so.

Uncle John

It always strikes me as ironic that if the crowd had been cheering BLUE JAYS or ARGOS or LEAFS, they could have destroyed as many cop cars as they liked.

Authority, it seems, does not like to be questioned.


You mean, like, all's we had to do was paint our faces soccer-team colours?

Skinny Dipper

This weekend, we have large security, but not smart security.

Police Chief Blair alienated peaceful protest organizations and individuals by forcing them to stay far away from the fence, and having the presence of riot officers in full gear.  He and other police officials did not work with peaceful protesters, but rather against them.  The police and community/labour organziations could have worked together to allow for protests to be held within earshot of the world leaders while keeping those leaders safe.  The protesters should have been allowed close to a fence without the presence of riot squad officers.  Had Blair worked with community organzations, he would have got a lot more cooperation to stop the Black Bloc from vandalizing our downtown core.

Essentially Chief Blair treated all protesters as criminals rather than as citizens.  Personally, I am a member of Fair Vote Canada.  I see myself as a citizen advocating for better voting rights and power for all citizens.  I did not go downtown because I did not want to be treated like a criminal with the presence of riot squad officers and ID checks on people who got too close to a fence.

We are not criminals; we are citizens.  The next time there is a major event in Toronto or in another major city in Canada, the police and government officials must treat people like citizens rather than as criminals; they will get more cooperation from Canadians.


Here's the story of the veterinarians who were awakened at 4 am by cops pointing guns at them.


Dr. John Booth said the raid occurred at around 4 a.m. Saturday at his family's apartment in a three-storey house at 143 Westminster Ave. near Roncesvalles Avenue.

Booth, 30, lives with his wife, Dr. Hannah Booth, 31, and his six-month-old son in the top two floors of the house.

"I thought it was a bad dream. Basically I woke up, and there were four police officers in my room," Booth told CBC News.

"It was one of the very few nights I forgot to lock the front door and, lo and behold, they gained access and did not ring the doorbell, did not knock.

"One of them has his gun drawn and [it] is pointed at me, which is obviously an extremely unsettling way to wake up."

Booth said police questioned him and he gave them his identification. They said they had warrants to search his home and arrest him.

Booth also said the officers informed him he was going to be charged with conspiracy to commit mischief and then handcuffed him.

After half an hour in police custody, they apologized and released him.  They were looking for other people in the house.


Excellent post above, Skinny Dipper - I fully agree. It is the police, working in tandem with the provocateurs, who keep the thousands away from the fences and where they can see and hear and be seen and heard. That's in part what happened in Québec City in 2001.

Hopefully this ugly experience will help eliminate the "diversity of tactics" bullshit and make way for a truly democratic process - where organizations meet and discuss and agree on tactics, rather than ceding the ground to the most adolescent and/or the police agents.


Despite the hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of documented examples of states/intelligence agencies/police forces/corporations using agent provocateurs the subject is completely taboo.  More so than Zionism, more so than human experimentation and torture and war.   Even 911 truth gets occassional news treatment.  Not so provocateurs.  The subject brings into question the legitimacy of domestic authorities in relation to dissidents who pose a real threat to the establishment.  It cannot be broached.  

Anarchists have been framed for this bullshit as far back as the black hand in spain and the Haymarket incident in America.   There are always a handful of useful idiots who go along with it.  The 'propaganda of the deed' period is the most notorious example.  

Today, it is Islamists who are targeted with the greatest frequency, suckered into bogus terrorist plots by intelligence operatives.   Cue media storm, war pretense.   It doesn't help that many intellectuals on the left insist on ignoring the threat, ommitting evidence that the latest "Al-Qaeda" attack is a frame-job or false flag, terrified of being labeled a 'conspiracy theorist'.  

You'd think that the issue would get more attention when it involves our own protest groups.   We have no problem writing books on COINTELPRO but when it comes to the fake anarchist black bloc or provocateurs in the radical environmental movement we write treatises on the difference between property damage and violence instead of exposing the agents in our midst.   If the black bloc had any sort of useful purpose it is long past; this was apparent in Genoa, when fake anarchists were running around trashing mom and pop stores.   Thus is the philosophy of anarchism dragged through the mud at every major protest event.   

But the danger is far worse than denigrating anarchism.   When members of the public see these images on TV they become rightfully frightened of attending protests themselves.   It's the perfect dirty trick: bring in a few clowns dressed in black, break something, crack heads.   Villify the one philosophy capable of putting an end to the madness, paint dissidents as hooligans, dissuade the public from stepping up.  

Some of you may be familiar with Operation Gladio.   It involved not only provocateurs but entirely manufactured terrorist groups ostensibly representing the left/anarchists/communists but actually comprised of fascists on the payroll of NATO and CIA.  They commited terrorist outrages, encouraging a crackdown by the state and ushering in a series of right-wing governments throughout Europe.   There's actually a term for such groups in military circles: "Pseudo gangs".   You can read all about it in the revolution of military affairs.   It wasn't limited to Europe, either.  The Symbionese Liberation Army (Patty Hearst) was clearly a fake terrorist entity.   Anywhere you find a group that poses a threat to the establshment you'll find a corresponding pseudo group designed to villify the real activists in the eyes of the public.  

'Al-Qaeda in iraq'?  Gimme a break.

This is a far, far more serious and pervasive threat than many of us have acknowledged.   Naturally we would prefer to focus our intention on visible insitutional factors, but I don't see how we can win this thing without devoting significantly more attention to what is derisevly labeled 'conspiracy theory'.    The same applies to 911 and the 'war on terror'.       


Unionist wrote:

Hopefully this ugly experience will help eliminate the "diversity of tactics" bullshit and make way for a truly democratic process - where organizations meet and discuss and agree on tactics, rather than ceding the ground to the most adolescent and/or the police agents.

Abolutely.   The 'Black Bloc' should be loudly condemned BY ANARCHISTS as well as other sincere dissidents to the point where impressionable youth will not consider joining the group/pseudo gang.   There is no point in enaging in a debate about the difference between property damage and violence.   The issue here is one of effectiveness.   If one wants to break the law in non-violent fashion -- and I certainly have no problem with those who do so -- there are far more creative ways of causing a ruckus than hurling molotov cocktails or throwing a brick at Starbucks.



ss atrahasis

I noticed that both CTV and CBC are claiming that the Black Bloc is not a group, rather it is a tactic used by protesters generally. The assumption of this framing is that violence is accepted by the movement, and that everyone is guilty who was protesting.


Yeah,tactics. Maybe a police tactic...


Why I thought it was the finest sucker punch we have seen in ages,  the protesters played into their hands beautifully, the billion dollar security is justified and we are one step further to a full time police state.  I am certain those who set this up are very pleased with the way things have turned out.  I am not, the left needs to get smart fast and understand that there is no winning the game the way they set it up, we have to figure out how to mock them not fight them.


Right on, ennir. We could start by not equivocating about bank branch arsonists, and not spewing bullshit about "diversity of tactics". Then we can organize the crushing of provocations before or when they begin, rather than let the cops have free rein and use the excuse to attack and arrest at will. We may be Canadians, but we don't need to be suckers. We would prefer winning to losing.

ss atrahasis

I should clarify that never seen or heard or reference to the Black Bloc being only a tactic on CTV; the other source I was thinking of was Globe and Mail coverage last night.


ennir wrote:

Why I thought it was the finest sucker punch we have seen in ages,  the protesters played into their hands beautifully, the billion dollar security is justified and we are one step further to a full time police state.  I am certain those who set this up are very pleased with the way things have turned out.  I am not, the left needs to get smart fast and understand that there is no winning the game the way they set it up, we have to figure out how to mock them not fight them.

Leading up to the G-20, some of us had taken a hard line against violent tactics, and this is one of the reasons.

I'm feeling rather sad and depressed today - I never thought that I would see in my city police bursting into people's homes in the middle of the night and arresting them without a warrant, arresting students who are found to have black clothing in their residences, tear gas released in the streets, people throwing feces into storefronts.  

If any good comes out of this, it shows the utter disaster that "diversity of tactics" is in the real world.

Sean in Ottawa

However you look at the mechanics of the protests, whatever you think about the police tactics and whomever you blame, there are some inexcapable conclusions and questions.

It is hard to see a point coming out of the protests other than the violence itself.If the violence is the only point you want to make then participation is worthwhile.

For those who have something legitimate to say in opposition to the G8/20, there is no point in becoming involved. Peaceful protest when it suceeds makes almost no news and when unsuccessful it is easy to be hijacked.

I can't help but conclude that all that effort being wasted in non-violent protest that gets smeared by those who become violent could be better used.

At the same time, I think there may or may not in each confrontation be provocateurs. It is likely however, that often enough, provocateurs would not be required as the event itself will attract people who are more than willing to provide that function. Indeed, the event itself is provocative including the security spending etc. What happened was predictable-- even without provocateurs and therefore why would you bother to risk provocateurs when there will be enough stupid people to perform the service without organization. The burned police cars may have been an error and may have been a surrender on purpose to the violent people that may not have been provocateurs but simply falling in to the trap.

It seems to me that for the effort, non-violent opposition to the G8/20, rather than marching where they will be taken advanatage of would be better of holding some kind of competing event. Indeed, the creation of youth summits have a greater chance of achieving some kind of sharing of a message -- as the "girls summit" did. Having those at a different place or perhaps a different time makes more sense.

I am not arguing that there is not a legal right to direct protest at the fence, what I am arguing is if there is a value for such a protest. I think alternative messages can be better carried. And if you truly believe the agents provocateurs, why not call for nobody to go down there and leave them with no cover.

None of what I am saying here legitimizes the examples of police over-action/brutality we have seen but I think if you keep doing something over and over that does not work then why do it? For a few the only thing is the thrill of throwing a rock at the man-- an outlet for the anger -- but is this helpful? What is achieved?

Freedom 55

Some solid points in there, Sean. 


Sean, with all due respect, that was one of the most demobilizing and fatalistic (and historically totally inaccurate) posts I've ever seen from you. I shudder to think what you would consider to be the yardstick of success of mass mobilizations like this - the G20 becoming instantly nice? The downfall of capitalism?

As for alternate summits, they are always and everywhere. There is absolutely no contradiction between forums like those, and letting people feel the power and the numbers in the street. And you really must moderate your view of the MSM being all-powerful in getting its message across. If that were so, where would the tens of thousands in the street have come from in the first place?

All this to say... I disagree... nonviolently.


Uncle John

I hope they don't arrest pudgy middle-aged guys like me who wear black for vanity (slimming) purposes.

Sean in Ottawa

Unionist-- I would consider success managing to get a point out like what their opposition is. Some kind of message or gaining of public support.

Nothing came out other than the violence and that is a communications failure. Those who believe in anything else can't see a success here.

Frankly, wasting resources on a protest that can be so easily and predictably undermined, is not the way to oppose this. And in a modern world of communications, I think we can do better than making a pile of handwritten signs nobody will see and being party to the torching of police cars everyone will see-- it does not even matter if those were police agents provocateurs or idiots--the result is the same.

And no, I think relying on failed predictable means of protest like this is the fatalistic point of view. While we still have some other freedoms in this country I think not only can we do more but we must.

Sean in Ottawa

Oh and please list the victories from this weekend.

Prior to the weekend the money spent on the summit security was a target and the alternative "girls summit" got some press.

I think we could have done better and we must find another way than allow all opposition to be tarred with these images.

When it comes to the security overkill and police brutality and the removal of civil rights-- with the images of burning police cars and broken shop windows you have at best a draw. Nothing positive has been achieved here today.

Frankly, organized labour with not inconsiderable resources can do better and should seriously consider this. And we should look to the leadership for opposition there since it is not coming from anywhere else at least not to effective ends.

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I don't know if this link or a similar link has been posted but it shows how the cops are running into a peaceful crowd of protestors and doing a smash and grab of their own.

Sean in Ottawa

It's terrible what is being done. And only the converted will even be aware of it.

We must do better-- it is not enough being right. You must win.

Refuge Refuge's picture

Again not sure if this has been posted amongst all the G8 / G20 stuff but interesting article that tells exact tactics police are using



I've been following the liveblogging today mainly at the Grope and Flail, and just in the last few hours, things have got rough for a peaceful group who ended up being kettled at Queen and Spadina. People out shopping got caught. Journalists have been arrested, CTV guys with their ID showing (apparently there will be photos), and there's at least one G&M reporter in there. They've been in the middle of a T-storm for the last hour, too. At one point the crowd sang Oh Canada; the cops let them finish and then charged.

I don't know: it seems to me that as soon as the sun goes down, the cops decide it's payback time, and they don't care who they step on.


ETA: [URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heb9BXjYcII]Here's the anthem and the charge.[/URL]

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ETA: Here's the anthem and the charge.

That is just atrocious. The words that cannot express the rage, frustration and oppression I am feeling are piling up more and more behind my eyes today. Wizard of Oz is on television right now. How appropriate. Where are we living?

There have got to be nationwide protests against this barbarity. These acts of aggression cannot stand, man.


I love that corner. The whole of Spadina is to me a holy place. I'm trying to remain rational about this, and I'm watching from a distance, about 45 mins away, but I tells ya, that made me cry.

The G20 leaders were never "in" Toronto. They were in their own little hell, which looked to me like some version of East Berlin ca 1965. Richly deserved, too. They didn't see the real streets and the real people. They cheated themselves.

Frustrated Mess Frustrated Mess's picture

The G20 in Toronto is an excellent metaphor for global capitalism, really.


Quote about the cop cars on fire: "Then, an odd thing happened.   The cops retreated and went elsewhere, leaving both cars abandoned."

 Mansbridge also mentioned how it was odd that the Police cars were left there, almost as if it was a target that could not be ignored by protestors.

 However, he did not mention the possibility of Agent Provocateurs [APs] despite the fact that there were proven APs a few years ago, so it is a possibility worth mentioning, so that is at least a suggestion that is was APs who set them ablaze.

  But here WE go - the visually stunning acts get all the attention and the real issues are sidelined.

  Issues? Harper's "Womens Health Initiative" is just a distraction from the fact that these programs have been set up before, and then not funded enough to make a difference. The leaders should have to write a cheque right then and there, and hand it over to an NGO to be implemented.

  Also, the fact that birth control is being ignored as part of the solution makes it that much more useless. And they want to make sure no funding is for abortions...  I don't like the fact that abortion is so often used as a method of birth control, instead of better options for birth control...  but this initiative will only increase the numbers of "backroom abortions" in poor nations, countering the exact thing they are proposing by insisting that none of this money is used to fund abortions. So stupid.

 Someone mentioned the "Gleneagles" pledges that were never funded sufficiently... Quote: "The only promise that counts is the Gleneagles one to increase aid by 50 billion dollars by 2010 and that is the one they have abandoned today," said Fried." -


CMOT Dibbler

We're fucked, or at least I am.  The G20 just backed harper's perposal.  I'll have to be pushed in a fucking wheel barrow.   

Sean in Ottawa

skdadl wrote:

ETA: [URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heb9BXjYcII]Here's the anthem and the charge.[/URL]

Just disgusting.

While I have said in this thread that I don't think this type of protest is useful, it is a right.

That video should be seen widely.

I wonder what will happen whe some of this goes to court and the courts are stuck with the legislative requirement to accept the police's word when in some cases they may have video evidence. Then the court will be forced by this crazy legislation to prefer an account by a biased party over actual footage of what happened. If anyone ends up seeing this in court I hope they will come here and document it.

As well, I can't help but recognize the amount the government had at stake in these protests. If there had been no violence or arrests the government would have looked worse with the billion dollar bill. While I thik AP are perhaps more rare than they are claimed to be, there is a clear motive for them this time as a peaceful summit would have been a disaster. This is why I hope people would stay away.