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ottawaobserver wrote:

I hope the young man in this video runs for public office.  He clearly has a better understanding of the Charter than any of the police officers who attempted to violate his rights, or than our idiot Premier.  (h/t skdadl at pogge)



The young man is correct to insist on the police providing reasonable grounds for a search but he pushes the constitutional argument too far, imho. No the police do not have to officially detain or arrest him to search his bag given the context. Yes, the Charter and the Supreme Court (which has followed the US Court closely on this matter) has significantly tightened the rules, grounds and procedures for search and seizure but context matters in all cases. For example, it would be entirely inappropriate for the police to stop and search this young man without a reasonable cause on any other day. Given the context of the G8/G20 and what looks to be a large public gathering in the background (a cop says "protest")and the supposed threat of violence, then stopping and searching people could possibly be considered reasonable by the Courts. The same standards would apply at a sporting event where bags are checked prior to entry. Constitutionally speaking, fair investigative practices and reasonableness cannot be divorced from context.

To put it differently, and in contrast to his there's "line in the sand and it's our rights" perspective, our expectations of privacy and of security against unreasonable search exists on a continuum from very little right to privacy such as airports and border crossings to a high expectation of privacy, such as in our homes.

The key question is how did the police stop him initially and on what basis? Were the stopping everyone or did they choose the young man on some basis?

Good on him for standing up for himself.

An aside, he's what, 10 -12 inches taller than the tallest cop? lol


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Noah_Scape wrote:
I don't like the fact that abortion is so often used as a method of birth control, instead of better options for birth control...


Is this a fact or just one of the mistruths that are thrown about?


And really what business is it of yours to dislike or like, if it is?

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people boxed in by police, Spadina and Queen

Joey Ramone

I was there today with Mrs. Ramone and kids (4, 9 and 11).  I witnessed vile police state tactics and came close to being arrested myself by heavily armed mounted police, with my 4 year old on the back of my bike, simply for demanding that police xplain why clearly peaceful protesters were being arrested. I'll write more tomorrow.  Best coverage I've seen tonight is on CP24, where they've interviewed several innocent people arrested tonight.  Treason!


Many Canadians have become suspicious of police tactics since the Quebec police force admitted that it had disguised three of its own officers as rock-wielding anarchists in an attempt to provoke violence at a peaceful protest in the town of Montebello two years ago. Somewhat farcically, the three were exposed as agents provocateurs when they were found to be wearing official issue police boots identical to those of the uniformed officers "arresting" them.

There are concerns that similar skulduggery may have played a part in Toronto this weekend, where the burning of three police cars quickly became the defining image of Saturday's otherwise peaceful demonstration. Questions are being asked as to why the police chose to drive the vehicles into the middle of a group of protesters and then abandon them, and why there was no attempt to put out the flames until the nation's media had been given time to record the scenes for broadcast around the world.


Sean in Ottawa

Correct me if I am wrong:

I understand that there was a zone around the fence in which police had the temporary powers. But we are seeing these powers involed far from that line. Does anyone know exactly where the police were allowed to use these powers and if it is possible to locate on a map where teh reports of the powers being used are coming from?

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15M of the fence line and within Queen's Park. But they were being enforced even in Yorkville as reported by CBC. AntiSpin I believe is correct as to the video. If police ask you to submit to a search prior to entering a park or an event, it isn't a violation of any rights as you have a choice. You are not required to submit to a search; you will just be denied entry. The police in this video (the young man whose bag was searched), I thought, were very professional. They didn't allow it to escalate to a confrontation and arrest, but they did their jobs (however distasteful). But elsewhere, as in Yorkville, the police were abusing the law.


Seems the only time the cops WEREN'T using violence was when things were getting smashed. 


It's probably been posted somewhere on this board already, but I'll risk a repost.

Protesters encourage one another to sit down on the grass and they'll be alright.  After a few sit, the police ram them.  Cops tell the guy with the camera to back up, but there's nowhere to go.  So many enraging videos from this weekend, thought I'd add one more.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaYbq484abs

And from the Star's blog:

"8:15 p.m. Police may stay in Toronto after Sunday

"Police imported into the city for the G20 have been put on stand-by and warned that they may have to stay in the city after Sunday.

"'My understanding is that people are here until everything is under control,' said Sgt. Nathalie Deschenes, a spokesperson for the Integrated Security Unit. 'There is no specific date set. People will stay as long as necessary.'

"A total of 253 people have been arrested between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. today, which brings the total of G20 arrests to 604."


(Apologies for any formatting weirdness - it's been awhile since I posted here, and these reply boxes do *not* love the copypasta)


I'm about to go to work this morning, riding my bike across Queen St from Parkdale to Riverdale - I hear there are still cops around.  Chief Bill Blair is at this moment being interviewed by the CBC.  He says there was a "criminal conspiracy" that came to the city specifically to do damage, and their actions were justified on the basis of that, etc.  

What a frackin disaster.

Over 900 arrests, they're saying on the news, and Bill Blair says at least 400 of them are a part of the "criminal element."  

Well, off to see the damage.



Apologies if [URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7OA920pbv8]this[/URL] is a duplication, but it's a high-quality video and narration. Real News journalist Jesse Freeston gets punched in face at what I believe was the Friday march (communities).

Video begins with Paul Jay of Real News asking Chief Blair about the incident at a press conference; Blair says he knows about the incident but claims it happened because there were black bloc peeps there. Then we see Freeston's footage, which begins with the arrest of the deaf restaurant worker, followed by the appeals of his friends, their attempts to explain. There are no black bloc peeps in evidence. The police appear to move because the worker's friends have begun to gather. Then Freeston and others get punched, and his mic is stolen for a time.

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Toronto Condemns Police Violence

Monday, June 28th
Police Headquarters,
40 College Street (at Yonge Street)

Naomi Klein
Ben Powless
Judy Rebick
David McNally
Abeer Majeed
Testimonies from people who've been brutalized by police

Over the past two days, police have rounded and arrested up hundreds
of people. They have been denied access to lawyers, telephones, food
and water, and held in deplorable conditions in makeshift steel cages.
Many have been beaten in the streets and in their homes; shot at with
rubber bullets and tear gas; some have been sent to hospital with
severe injuries. Hundreds are still in custody as of Sunday night.

We need to get our people out. We need to take our city back from the
armed fortress that it has been turned into.

We will let the police know that we will not tolerate the arrests,
beatings and attempt to intimidate the people of Toronto. Our community
stands with the people whose lives have been disrupted by the G20, and by
police violence. We will demand that all those arrested be released, and
released now!



G20 Nations: Race to the Bottom Will Continue: A Critical Analysis of the G-20's Toronto Declaration


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Naomi Klein: "My city feels like a crime scene."

My city feels like a crime scene and the criminals are all melting into the night, fleeing the scene. No, I'm not talking about the kids in black who smashed windows and burned cop cars on Saturday.

I'm talking about the heads of state who, on Sunday night, smashed social safety nets and burned good jobs in the middle of a recession. Faced with the effects of a crisis created by the world's wealthiest and most privileged strata, they decided to stick the poorest and most vulnerable people in their countries with the bill.

How else can we interpret the G20's final communiqué, which includes not even a measly tax on banks or financial transactions, yet instructs governments to slash their deficits in half by 2013. This is a huge and shocking cut, and we should be very clear who will pay the price: students who will see their public educations further deteriorate as their fees go up; pensioners who will lose hard-earned benefits; public-sector workers whose jobs will be eliminated. And the list goes on. These types of cuts have already begun in many G20 countries including Canada, and they are about to get a lot worse.

They are happening for a simple reason. When the G20 met in London in 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, the leaders failed to band together to regulate the financial sector so that this type of crisis would never happen again. All we got was empty rhetoric, and an agreement to put trillions of dollars in public monies on the table to shore up the banks around the world. Meanwhile the U.S. government did little to keep people in their homes and jobs, so in addition to hemorrhaging public money to save the banks, the tax base collapsed, creating an entirely predictable debt and deficit crisis.

At this weekend's summit, Prime Minister Stephen Harper convinced his fellow leaders that it simply wouldn't be fair to punish those banks that behaved well and did not create the crisis (despite the fact that Canada's highly protected banks are consistently profitable and could easily absorb a tax). Yet somehow these leaders had no such concerns about fairness when they decided to punish blameless individuals for a crisis created by derivative traders and absentee regulators.

Cytizen H

I am sorry. I have spent the last two days in jail, in court and on the streets. I don't have to time to read all the posts here. But, for all those who are saying that anyone needs to condemn the black bloc I say "FUCK YOU!". All energy needs to be put into holding the fascist, violent police accountable for their actions this weekend. THey are guilty of gross violations against human rights and many acts of violence against people. ANy energy wasted on people who broke windows is a waste of time. Get your head straight. The fight isn't over.


Cytizen H wrote:

for all those who are saying that anyone needs to condemn the black bloc I say "FUCK YOU!". All energy needs to be put into holding the fascist, violent police accountable for their actions this weekend.

Are you sure you're talking about two different groups?   While I have no doubt that there were/are many well-intentioned/misguided youth playing black bloc, it also seems likely (to me anyway) that most of this vandalism is staged in order to provide a pretext to attack demonstrators.  Why were they allowed to run amok in the financial district with narry a copy in sight?  Why were the cars left behind and their gas caps removed?  I'm not sure we can draw a clear line between the bloc and the police at this point.  The events at the SPP demonstrate this.   We need to discuss the bloc precisely because it so directly correlates with police violence.   Personally, I would like to see activists take a hardline against the bloc -- not illegal tactics or civil disobedience -- but mindless vandalism which only serves the interests of the police and the PTB.

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Naomi Klein calls the G20 politicians the real criminals - on P&P in a minute!

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wish i could get newsworld sometimes then perhaps not.....

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Klein absolutely skewered the G20 and the police (said the police used the G20 as an ATM machine). Maybe the interview will be on the CBC website later?


Boom Boom wrote:

Naomi Klein calls the G20 politicians the real criminals - on P&P in a minute!

Wow.  That was surreal seeing someone actually making sense on a pundit show.   The contrast with the earlier panel of knuckleheads couldn't have been more stark.  The professor from Calgary basically said: if you don't want to be brutalized by police, don't go to protests.   I'm guessing a lot of Torontonians already received that message loud and clear.

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That "professor from Calgary" was the jerk neocon Tom Flanagan.


[URL=http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/829854--hundreds-rally-outside-p...'s not over.[/URL] At least a thousand people are rallying at police HQ in protest right now. College closed between Bay and Yonge.

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can't watch it anyway dial up, slow dial up 24kb


Synopsis:  Not all of us who are fighting in the streets here in Toronto are despondent, but a great many of us are.  I am.  We are experiencing in our neighborhoods what brown people have experienced for centuries around the world at our hands.  It has come home to roost.  I woke this morning from a dream of Kanada, and I was weeping uncontrollably.  Our children are attacked by troops openly in the streets, openly in so-called “free speech zones.”  We chant, “the world is watching,” but as we are beaten back from the neighborhoods in which we have lived for two hundred years by troops who may not even be Canadian, we see football on the TV’s.  Is anyone watching us?  My ten-year-old was almost fucking killed when he was attacked by police in a free-speech zone.  My fourteen-year-old and I were chased for two hours.  Does anyone out there care?  My friend in California recommends TOSCA-style action.  Could we have TOCA here—take over Canada?  I feel nothing but despair.  My friends are being dragged off to left and right, and the world watches football.  I began the weekend juggling for the troops, holding out flowers, but I end hunted and in tears, paranoid and sad.  It feels like the end.  We are still free, but barely holding on.  Why do they hate us so much?



Boom Boom wrote:

That "professor from Calgary" was the jerk neocon Tom Flanagan.

And not to forget Herr Harpers personal hero and mentor. You know cuz the CBC is a commie socialist love in.


This is the clearest evidence yet that the vandalism was staged.


Go to the .40 mark and you'll see a "black bloc anarchist" amongst a pack of cops and plane clothes narks being shielded by police and rushed away to a car.  

Also check out the female carrot top "officer" wielding a stick while doing an impression of an angry badger.  Her ferocious sneer is something to behold. 

A billion dollar circus staged for the public and swallowed whole by our beloved Canadian news media.

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G20 charges dropped at mass hearing

But on Monday, Miller and nearly one-third of the 303 people facing charges for alleged criminal acts during the G20 summit had their charges dropped, according to estimates from local activists and lawyers representing the accused.

Outside court, Miller said he was happy his charge was withdrawn but feels it never should have been laid in the first place.

“I have a problem with the criminalization of dissent,” he said, adding that a good rain would have washed away what he did.

The attorney general’s office said it couldn’t provide an exact number of people whose charges were dropped until Tuesday. Estimates by a legal support group Monday morning were close to 100.

At a Monday night rally against G20-related charges, activist Mohan Mishra addressed a crowd of about 100 people outside police headquarters.

“Over 75 people are no longer facing charges, an admission by the Crown that the charges are bogus,” he said.


Walkom: The G20 Protests and Judicial Farce


"In effect, what occurred at the G20 was a massive and quite possibly illegal array of pre-emptive arrests. People picked up and charged not because they were doing anything wrong - not even because they  were about to do anything wrong. Rather they were arrested and charged because those in charge of the police found civil liberties inconvenient...It is the totalitarian's recipe for public order.."


[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/first-trial-of-toronto-police-of... G20 cop trial centres on video, but it doesn't capture key moment[/url]


The first trial of a Toronto police officer facing criminal charges in the G20 protests is focusing on photos and video of one man's arrest, though none captured the moment he says he was hit with a riot shield.

Dorian Barton, 32, an usher and part-time editor whose shoulder was broken on June 26, 2010, had ventured down to the Ontario legislature to scope out the scene.

A line of police officers in riot gear had formed to the south of him, and as he was facing east taking pictures of police horses he was hit from behind, Barton said.

"It was such a significant impact...I pretty much felt it all over," he testified. "I was knocked to the ground and I was stunned."

A witness, Andrew Wallace, said he saw Barton getting "charged" by a police officer, who hit Barton with his shield, knocking him over, and then struck Barton with his baton.

"It was disgusting," he testified. "A police officer who with no provocation...charged an unarmed person and attacked them."

Const. Glenn Weddell has pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. His lawyer, Peter Brauti, said at the start of the judge-alone trial that the only contact Weddell had with Barton was to help him up after he tripped.