George Galloway in Canada.

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The editor of the Winnipeg Jewish Review is continuing her campaign to whip up sentiments against organizations that supported George Galloway's Winnipeg  speaking engagement.

More on this here.


one of the 'founders' of the state of Israel (murdered by ex mossad guy, needless to say) name Irvin Kirshner(?) apparently was a rightwing nazi who helped remove 'liberals' (Jewish victims of holocaust were 'liberals', and thus the tragedy has a silvery lining according to reactionary rightwingers fascist types, both Jewish and non jewish- see charles adler and ms ameil, frum, krauthammer, foxnews, cnn, cbc etc) from Hungary during WW2. Ben Hecht, (Front Page etc) wrote a book called 'perfidity' based upon story; as recounted in Mark Lane's 'Plausable Denial'

Too bad the rightwing thugs, the mass murdering stooges, cannot ALL be linked together with their fellow nazis, no matter how politically incorrect and embarassing/inconvenient it appears!

btw, interest on loans are TAXES, w/out representation! (the reactionarkies will hate anyone telling them THAT)


awk have been reading all this and the links and i really gotta say na  i don't know what to say


10 Years Later

George Galloway still going strong on the Max Keiser Report.

He is in the second half of the video and Max points out that George is about to run again in a Scottish by-election.

And ten years later Jason Kenney is the premier of Alberta.

How's that working out?