Getting "I'm no David Emerson" Commitments from Liberals

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Getting "I'm no David Emerson" Commitments from Liberals

I'm wondering how best to get pledges from the Liberals who might survive to not pull a David Emerson, the former Martin Liberal from Vancouver, who between E-Day and the cabinet swearing in had a conversion from the Liberal banner he was elected under to the Harper Conservatives, who were now the one's in charge.

I think it would need to focus on the wide policy differences between the Tories and the Liberals (at least on paper both Jack and Iggy had, until the surge hit, pointed to the commonality between Liberal and NDP platforms) so that voters know that they don't have to worry about voting for the "red" door and getting their MP walking through the "blue" door.  (Would make a good political cartoon should it happen, I suppose.)




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I guess the question would be who might be left to get such a commitment from.


Good luck. Almost all of them would trade their stripes if it meant holding on to some power and prestige. For most of them, the only consideration would be whether or not they could get re-elected in their riding after the move.

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I am just wondering if it might be a question that ought to be tweeted to reporters covering Iggy, particularly as the feeding frenzy is now in full force.

As he increases his plea to vote Liberal to save Canada (read Liberal party) from destruction he is painting both sides as pretty dangerous.

His clarification, during the Mansbridge interview, on the coalition question was posed presuming asking the NDP to support him - that dynamic has clearly changed and it is a fair question to ask what he might ask of Layton or Harper for Liberal support post-election.

The follow up would be what about floor-crossers, a la Emerson.


It should be done now ASAP before the election.

Perhaps head office could mandate all the riding organizations across Canada to bring it up from now to Monday at all-candidate meetings and any other opportunities that present themself in a public setting.


I'd ask Alan Tonks. His record screams reaction.