Government Advisers and Influencers

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Government Advisers and Influencers

That rethink will be part of what is expected to be a much more comprehensive stimulus recovery plan aimed at rebuilding Canada’s post-pandemic economy. When it will come is unknown. Federal officials say it’s premature to discuss details given the government has yet to even formally create a team to begin the process of designing it. (Informal strategizing continues apace—several cabinet ministers recently invited Boston Consulting Group, on an unpaid basis, to advise them on what policies other countries are pursuing with an eye to “charting the course for future-forward recovery,” the Globe and Mail reported.)

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The Bureaucrats of Indigenous Erasure

"Meet [Federal Terminator] Joe Wild, Senior ADM Treaties and Aboriginal Government, Crown-Indigenous Relations. He rose through the federal ranks under Harper Govt (2006-2015). Now he's a Trudeau gov't Terminator, and Minister of Termination Carolyn Bennet's wing-man!"

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Boston Consulting Group was the advisors that Pallister brought in to crap on Manitoba Hydro. Their work may have led to significant layoffs but they could not sell their ideas about abandonning projects that had already sunk millions of investment in mid-path.