The Green Party Of Canada - is the nail in the coffin yet?

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The Green Party Of Canada - is the nail in the coffin yet?


With the hostile right wing takeover, kick backs and decertification of the Alberta Greens, The soon to be decertified NS Greens (with possible ties, as Ken S suggests to the federal wing shenanigans in CN), Reform party lovin' Jane Sterk staying on as leader of the BC Greens (all getting around oh 3%ish avg in the last elections), Emay and possible federal leadership show down/revolt, & the latest polls having them at 6% nationally.... Are they finished?



They're having Federal Council elections right now, and quite internally focussed on that.  It looks like the assault on federal office will be launched from the Green Party of Ontario ranks, where many of the organizers are withdrawing/relocating to who aren't in the thrall of E.Me.  On the other hand, they're competitive with the Liberals in numbers of candidates firmed up, and ahead of the NDP federally.


They'll maintain a 4%-10% range for the forseeable future. It's an easy default option.

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These words from "Report on Greens",  about the AB GP's deregistration, are pretty hilarious given one could insert the same thing for EMay.

... this was a lack of leadership in understanding the role and function of the Green Party and ensuring that the Green Party continued to play a larger and larger role in politics. The unfortunate part of this was that ego got in the way of true leadership. The Alberta Greens became more identified with an individual than fulfilling a service to the membership and the public. When politics becomes about the individual instead of the Party, the discussion about the future becomes very polarized… and that’s when debates become volatile and personalized.



Hopefully NDPers in all 308 riding are making overtures to them. The NDP needs their support as every vote counts.


  On the other hand, they're competitive with the Liberals in numbers of candidates firmed up, and ahead of the NDP federally. 

OO, that may be true in terms of # Candidates. However, given the big NDP convention coming up, I'm sure many ridings are holding back a little (those with non-incumbents or new candidates). Also like last time, how many of the so-called Greens are paper candidates? It was truly amazing last election, where they literally had to put out an email to draft "anyone" (their friends dog etc) to be on the ballot. Remember, what was the percentage of Green "paper candidates" in 08? Given all that's happened, does anyone really expect it to be better now?


They seem to be doing pretty well in their Ontario ridings.  The rest I'm not so sure ...


Its E May and not being a leader

She has no credibility because of blatant missteps and has caused the rift within the party.

She is begging $1000  from each EDA because it is now a priority to elect ...just her.

The council election is proving to be a good way to weed out closet hardcore conservatives.


I see Frank De Yong the ex Ontario leader doing much much better soon.

In my groups the ndp nor the liberals are certainly not a choice now as they are just part of harpers team based on their vote in the house.





Daniel Grice

No nails, no coffin.  

Big Daddy

You are right.  How can something die if it never lived?  

George Victor

It was born in '83.

Then came the Libertarians.


I think that with the shine off May, either she remains as leader and the GPC is plateaued- with the potential of going some lower.

Or, there is a new leader who has recogntion issues, isn't exciting, and has a party still internally in disaray. Same overall outcome: plateaued and stuck in neutral.

But that isn't the stuff of nails in coffin.

The problem with the NSGreens, and the total lack of even 3-4% traction in the East, is really just part of the same thing. There wasn't anything out here for the GPC in the first place, so all this is just another manifestation of being stuck.

Of course, if May were to win in in Saanich - Gulf Islands, that would be a game changer. But she's still a longshot there, just less of an extreme longshot than the windmill tilt in Central Nova. The far more likley outcome is that her losing after everything is staked on her winning, plus the really dismal showing in the provincial election, will make a mess of the GPC in one of its strongest regions.

If she hadn't pissed things away for 2 years, getting fairly close in SGI would probably have been enough to keep the hope machine going. But now she has to win or fall just short. And the latter will only keep her from being instant dead meat. But even as dead meat with the public, she could still get re-elected as Leader next year, and prolong the agony.




Mojoroad1 wrote:
...The soon to be decertified NS Greens (with possible ties, as Ken S suggests to the federal wing shenanigans in CN)

For what its worth, for a while I haven't thought this funny business connection very likely.

I suspected there was one before I knew how inept the Central Nova permanent campaign was, and just how big a joke the internal 'process' of the NSGP was.

The lack of transparency in the Elections Canada filings led me to suspect that something illegal was being hidden. But the pattern that emerged was of obscuring how much money was being continuously funneled into Central Nova. Nothing illegal in that, just the May team not wanting to have its actions visible.

The NSGP was only threatened with de-registration. They have met the immediate demands for documentation, and can satisfy the more general concerns Elections NS has put to them. But whether they are de-registered is beside the point.