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MAY quits as party leader but Keeps on SITting as caucus leader?


Admit it - you heard it here first.


For many years now May has been an albatross around the Green Party's neck so if the Green's replace her with a popular person, that could really change the dynamics of federal politics. With a popular leader the Greens could even move into third place and push the NDP back into fifth. Because of our FPTP system the Greens and NDP would likely split their votes even more than they have and continue to win far fewer seats than their cumulative proportion of the vote.


I'm hoping that Daniel Green runs for leader. Very respectable and knowledgeable person who I can see as leader. Also would help in Quebec considering he has the best result for any Green party candidate in Quebec ever.

Depending on the quality of the candidates I may have a new political party to support.


The Green Party after Elizabeth May

Under the right leadership, the party might have accomplished so much more in the last election. It has a chance to right itself, if it’s not already too late.

by Paul Wells

Nov 4, 2019

Sean in Ottawa

Wouldn't a left Green leader make a merger with the NDP a logical conclusion?

May has been the obstacle to this thinking,,,